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  • Blacksad knocking away an aggressor's knife and headbutting his shit in one single movement.
  • Blacksad kicking over the Arctic Nation's burning cross.
    • For that matter, cowing an Arctic Nation punk just by standing up, revealing himself to be about two heads taller.
  • A villainous one where Leeman, a hippo who is a corrupt detective, shrugs off bullets and send Blacksad in the water with a headbutt that lift his whole body.
    Leeman: You know that professionals always ends the job.
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  • Smirnov covering up for Blacksad and making sure the responsibles for Natalia's murder meet justice. He proceeds in Framing the Guilty Party so that public knows about Statoc's crimes.
    Smirnov: Is this the man who attacked you and according to your deposition murdered Ivo Statoc? Try not to rush.
    Henchmen: That's him, the fucking detective! He is the assassin.
    Smirnov: [sighs] Bad luck guys, this man has an alibi. He was at his apartment the time of the facts. The lieutenant here was keeping an eye on him because we suspected him for the murder of Natalia Wilford, Is that right lieutnant?
    Lieutenant: Yep.

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