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Heartwarming / Blacksad

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  • Otto's letter at the end of Red Soul. He finds his purpose after all.
  • Blacksad honoring his promise to Cotten the Magpie by going to Las Vegas at the end of "Arctic Nation" and pouring out his ashes outside of Las Vegas. Such nobility for someone he had only met and known for a short time, even if Cotten helped the villain of the book due to his gambling addiction.
  • Oddly enough, Weekly giving John advice (and a camera) to escape his Morale Event Horizon in his short appearance near the beginning of Amarillo.
    • Even better, the endpaper illustration shows the pictures Blacksad took on his trip, including the American heartland, the proud biker gang who offered him a ride, his sister and nephew, and himself and Neil clowning around during the trip. Looks like he had a pretty good eye for photography after all.
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  • Neil is a lawyer, a narcissist, and a shameless womanizer, and only his friendliness is the only reason why he’s likable at all... at first. But then he's shown to take an almost instant and genuine liking to Blacksad's nephew despite his earlier lecherous reaction to the kid's mother. With almost his dying breath, he tells Blacksad that he regrets not having had the chance to maybe settle down with the two.

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