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Spoiler Warning: This page may contain spoilers for any albums in the series.

Alma is pregnant with Blacksad's baby.

When we see Alma alone on the Niagara Falls trip there's a subtle panel of her with her hand over her abdomen and she has a sullen look on her face. Now the look could be attributed simply to her disappointment that Blacksad wasn't there for her. But the hand on the abdomen seems to me like a masterfully subtle hint that Alma's carrying Blacksad's baby. I apologize if this is dealt with in the fourth album (I haven't read it yet).
  • The fourth album has no indication on that issue. It's even possible that it happens before the third one, for all we know: Weekly is present (so it happens after Arctic Nation), but there is no mention of any of Blacksad's other acquaintances and previous adventures.
    • Then again Alma might just end up raising the baby by herself if she is pregnant.
    • The fifth album is set right after the fourth one, features at least three characters from Red Soul, and implies that a certain length of time has passed since that book.

The lynx from Red Soul is related to Blacksad.

... a speculation based on the fact that Blacksad’s kid nephew has a russet-and-white fur (like the lynx) rather than the black-and-white fur of his mother and uncle.

Should there be more issues, Volumes 6, 7, and 8 will have album covers representing to each of the secondary colors.

Continuing with the Color Motif, and perhaps complementing with the previous three volumes whose covers are represented by each of the primary colors, Volume 6 would be green, Volume 7 would be orange, and Volume 8 would be purple.

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