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  • After escaping from the Ragged Knight after it turns on them, Khayon sends Lheor through a sorcerous gate and tells him that it's just like teleportation. A few minutes later Khayon goes through the gate and walks right into Lheor's fist which sends him right to the ground. Lheor then explains himself;
    Lheor: That's for lying to me. It was nothing like teleportation.
    • Also a moment of awesome for Lheor, considering the guy he decked is a sorcerer who can literally unmake people on the atomic level with his mind.
    • It's quite amusing in itself that a World Eater would be the comic relief of the series (well as much it can in a Black Legion novel):
    Lheor: Don't call me Firefist.
    The Governess: And why not?
    Lheor: Because it hurts my precious feelings.
  • When Khayon and Lheor find the Vengeful Spirit they discover Abaddon on-board. When he asks them why they are there Lheor's response is to pull a gun and inform Abaddon that they are hijacking his ship, which is crash-landed on a dead world. Abaddon's response is a simple deadpan "No you're not."
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  • During the Razing of Prospero one of Khayon's most vivid memories is shooting three Space Wolves, all unhelmeted, in the head and thinking "Bless the Sixth Legion for going to war without helmets."
  • Khayon and Ashur-Kai's reaction to finding out what one of the ships above Gallium is named:
    Khayon (shocked): That warband named their vessel "The Skinner"?!
  • Khayon channeling Mark Twain after hearing he was considered dead yet another time.
    The Governess: I've been told you died at Drol Kheir.
    Khayon: Yes, it would seem that the reports of my death were somewhat exaggerated.
  • Khayon really doesn't like the word magic;
    Khayon: [After being asked how he knows his ship is still alive] I would feel a psychic severance.
    Lheor: [Irritated] Just say "magic" and be done with it. Cease trying to sound mysterious.
    Magic. A truly stupid word.
    • And later;
      Lheor: And just who is Telemachon?
      Khayon: An old enemy.
      Lheor: Obviously, else you'd not have had me drag his half-dead body through your magic gate.
      Khayon: Please do not call it magic.
    • And again;
      Lheor: Do you feel anyone?
      Khayon: I will need clearer context before I can answer that.
      Lheor: Feel them. Sense them, with magic.
      Magic. Again...
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  • Abaddon offering Khayon refreshment during their meeting, and Khayon's description of it;
    The refreshment he offered turn out to be a clear spirit that left a faint burn on the back of the tongue. I am being generous when I say it had the raw chemical taste of engine coolant.
    Lheor: This is good, my thanks Captain.
    I let my senses brush over Lheor's mind, curiosity forcing me to seek any sign of deception. Unbelievably, the World Eater was telling the truth. He liked it.