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  • When Pey'j explains how the jet boots work, he dresses up in high falutin' what is essentially Fartillery, and then gives a demonstration... while yelling "CHILI CON CARNE!"
  • The announcer at the races, claiming that "the wimps, the weak and the wusses still have three more seconds to get the hell out of there and back to their knitting."
  • Pey'j attempting to pull a Big Damn Heroes moment when the Reaper attacks Jade... only to get caught by the thing. For extra laughs, try taking a picture of the boss at the very start of the battle.
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  • Double H almost falling to his doom and hanging by a very loose pipe that, naturally, gives way after he says he'll find a way up.
    Double H: Don't worry, miss Thyrus. I'll find my way out of HEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeere!
  • Pey'j muttering to himself how everything would fall apart without him as he exits his little workship - and then a fan fizzes out, and flops over.
  • Winning the fourth hovercraft race. The excitement goes straight to Double H's head, and he decides that he can only express his joy by planting a wet one on Jade. Jade's reaction is somewhere between humorous annoyance and abject horror. Do Not Want!
  • Shooting at the ships in the bay. Their reactions are all quite funny, but the funniest are the airship containing an absolutely insane woman who takes the freak out to new levels, and the Large Ham with the Scotireland accent who sounds like he escaped a cheesy naval movie. "MASTER KOI! WE'RE BEING FIRED UPOOOOON!"
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  • In one section of the slaughterhouses, you reach a passage which can't be crossed because a guard is watching it. He's standing on a platform surrounded by a deep pit and never looks away, so the only way to get across is to sneak up behind him and hit his tank with a thrown disc. He does the usual - he shouts "OUCH!" and starts staggering around - and then wanders off the platform like a total goof before yelling when he realizes what he's just done.

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