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  • In "The Unfamiliar", when they disguise the Orphan as a black cat by drenching him in black paint, then have to skedaddle to avoid the wrath of the human painter. The normally dignified Wise Dog is right there with them, his face fur blowing as he runs like any other dog.
  • In "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie", the dogs decide to throw the witch cat to the zombie dogs she raised.
    Ace: Rex, open the gate.

    Rex: Here you go, Ace. Hope she lands on her head.
    (Gate opens, zombie dogs are right outside)
    Ace: Close the gate, Rex. Close the gate, Rex.
    • The facial and bodily expressions throughout this. When Ace is winding up to toss out Dymphna, he's swinging her by the scruff of the neck like an undignified sack of potatoes. Then they see the zombie dogs; Ace and Rex stand frozen like deer in headlights, with Dymphna desperately clinging to/wrapped around Ace's face.
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  • How Pugsley reacts to frogs raining from the sky in "The Gathering Storm".
    Pugsley: Oh crap. Looks like stupid's back in season...
  • After the aggregate demon is broken up into individual frogs, the Orphan is about to start killing them when Emrys shows up and says that won't be necessary. The Orphan pauses with his paw poised to strike and a o_o expression.
  • When Emrys praises them for their handling of the demon:
    Ace: It's an honor, sir.
    Jack: Thank you, sir.
    Rex: We didn't know what we were doing, sir.
  • While most of the issue is straight-up Nightmare Fuel or Tear Jerker, the gang interviewing for potential leads in the beginning of "Lost" is pretty darn funny.
    Bull Terrier: Yeah, so like, there's this cat that keeps me up all night, yowlin' all this crazy crap at the moon. I figure it's a witch, and, like, you should kill it.
    Sheepdog: This morning the food in my bowl formed an exact profile of the Great Dog himself, clear as day. I can't show it to you, because I ate it. But it's still a miracle, right?
    Pomeranian #1: My niece's friend says there's a tree in the deep woods that moves when there's no wind. And birds die if they perch on it.
    Pomeranian #2: I heard it drinks blood.
    Pomeranian #1: Well, now, that's just ridiculous.
    Chihuahua: Creatures posing as humans abducted me and put a little chip in the back of my neck. They use it to spy on me and make me do things like chase cars and bite people...and eat my own poop.
  • In the Hellboy crossover comic, when the gang meets Hellboy for the first time:
    Pugs: AAAH! IT'S THE DEVIL! An' he's got a gun!
    • Which might be also be a Shout-Out to this exchange, which is one of Hellboy's better known memes.
  • In "Story Time", Emrys tells the puppies about encountering a basilisk, claiming he had to tear out his own eye to stop the spread of its petrifying gaze. As he says this, he lifts his Blinding Bangs; the angle is such that the reader is unable to see his face, but the puppies are frightened into fleeing. Afterwards, Pugsley wants to know if the story was true. Emrys, his face obscured with fur as always, answers: "I don't know what you're talking about, Pugsley. There's nothing wrong with my eyes, as anyone can plainly see." Pugsley can only stand there bewildered.
  • In "Hunters and Gatherers", a pair of Pomeranians are not so grateful about the gang's exploits, suggesting that they've been attracting trouble to town. Pugsley responds with his usual grace.
    Pomeranian: This used to be a quiet neighborhood.
    Pugsley: Well, why don't you shut up, then?
    Jack: Pugs!
    Pugsley: Listen, you two. It ain't our fault this neighborhood's gone to crap! Evil's been around since long before we started diggin' at it! Long before your great-grandfather gave your great-grandmother the sloppy wet hug from behind, even!
    Jack: [butting in] Well, I guess we'll be going now! Good evening, ladies!
    [They leave]
    Jack: "Sloppy wet hug from behind"? Where do you come up with that stuff?
    Pugsley: [looking self-satisfied] I dunno. I'm like a genius with that crap.
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  • In Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men, when the so-called "Red Serpent" awakens:
    Lundy: Graaah! You incompetent morons! That's no "demi-god"! That's just some bloody huge stupid monster you've awakened! It's not even red, for pity's sake!


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