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  • The origin of the wigglers:
    • The squad is deep into a zombie mode game when Griffin notices movement in the distance. He checks it out through his rifle scope, and... a bunch of zombies have lined up on the railing of a bridge and are wiggling back and forth in an incredibly silly-looking dance. The entire squad proceeds to lose it.
    • The game finally gets down to only the Awful Squad, Kaysauce, and the wigglers, and so the humans decide to lay down their weapons and form a peaceful civilization with their zombie brethren. Until the final seconds of the game, at which point the squad just starts chucking grenades.
  • Everything about the Austin Walker episode:
    • "Is it possible your grandma's just a really big Junji Ito fan?"
    • Chris Plante's Ringo Starr impression.
    • Jake's quiet, deadpan "bazinga" as he snipes a zombie. Made even funnier by the fact that several minutes had gone by with no combat since Griffin introduced that rule, meaning most of the squad and audience had already forgotten about it.
    • The increasing confusion as the rules pile up towards the end of the game and the players have to simultaneously hop everywhere, speak in ASMR voices, say "bazinga" before every shot, and end every statement with "thank you", all without using curse words, the word "zombie", each other's names, or vehicles.
  • Hands Across Miramar, a game mode whose sole conceit is that every player stands in a line and lets Plante run them over with a truck.
  • Carmageddon, which manages to have even less of a point than Hand Across Miramar. It's literally just "What would happen if we gathered all the vehicles on the map into one spot and blew them up?" and it is glorious.
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  • A lot of the fan players have hilarious usernames, but Memeshart particularly stands out. Justin and Griffin claim that's their grandmother's username.
    Justin: So glad to see our nonny's here!
  • In the Polygon Show episode, the squad decides to have a fashion show for their custom game. This cute, nonviolent game mode somehow results in two-thirds of the players, including the entire Awful Squad, dying before even reaching the meeting point for the show.
  • Operation Hot Date, in which Brian and Russ go on a date while being escorted through the zombie apocalypse by the other team members. Russ, with absolutely no prompting, decides to roleplay the entire date as a complete scumbag who negs Brian, tries to act "alpha", and says he's looking for something discreet because he's actually married.
  • The squad and several fans piling into two Volkswagen buses and dancing to "Vengabus" while driving through Miramar.
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  • In a genuinely bittersweet moment, Griffin and Justin announce that they're leaving Polygon... and then Travis logs on and (jokingly) says that he's so happy to announce that he'll be starting work at Polygon soon and is really looking forward to collaborating with his brothers.
  • During the last match of the Carmageddon episode, Griffin's attempt to formulate a plan ends up sounding inadvertently melodramatic:
    Griffin: Let's get to the coast! We can find a boat!
    Travis: We can sail, get away from all this!
    Justin: We can start a new life, open up a little cafe!
  • In the setup for the Ghillie Crossing event, Russ makes a mention of a "giant moving bush". Simone immediately responds that that was her nickname in high school.
  • Plante thoroughly grossing out both the audience and the other players with his discussion of placenta and Body Horror movies, to the point that Russ and Pat claim their number of viewers has somehow dropped into the negatives.
    • To make up for it, Plante asks everyone their favorite Disney musical. Russ says his is Cube 2: Hypercube.
  • The last seconds of the final episode manage to end the series in an incredibly appropriate way:
    Russ: Farewell to all our friends, and—
    Simone: This burning car fire is a perfect metaphor for this show.
    Russ: —and we will see you again real soon.
    Justin: *strums guitar* Okay, Russ, go ahead and I'm ready to start whenever—

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