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  • Hannigan's reaction upon discovering that Annie managed to escape in the laundry truck.
  • Miss Hannigan and Rooster sing sweetly about their departed mother...
    "Mother Dear! Oh, we know you're (the pair stop looking up and look straight down) down there listening!
  • Lily's introduction.
    Lily: Ms. Lily St. Regis. I was named after the hotel.
    Miss Hannigan: Oh, which floor?
    • The true hilarity happens a little later on with a well-planned Brick Joke:
    Lily: Oliver Warbucks, the millionaire?
    Miss Hannigan: The billionaire, ya dumb hotel!
  • Lily, looking down at her cuffs, tries to look on the ''bright side'' of life.
    Lily: Well, it ain't Easy Street, but at least I'm wearing silver!
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  • Miss Hannigan screaming at the sight of Annie's friends seeing through her disguise. Hell, all of Hannigans' breakdown near the end was pretty hilarious.
  • When Rooster first shows up in disguise, Miss Hannigan says, quite deadpan, "If you're gonna rob this place, start with the oprhans".
  • During "Little Girls", Duffy and Pepper can be heard arguing upstairs. Miss Hannigan's "SHUT UP!" is less angry and more annoyed.
  • In this version, Miss Hannigan poses as one of the Mudges instead of Lily. Why? Well...
    Rooster: Those other cons ain't got a sister... who knows all there is to know about the kid.
    Miss Hannigan: Yeah, yeah, I know all about Annie. I also know Miss St. Regis here ain't got the brains for the job. She makes one slip, and we all end up behind bars for life.
    [Beat as Rooster considers this.]
    Rooster: Yeah, you're right. Lily's out. (shoves Lily off the desk)
    Miss Hannigan: And I'm in. Sorry, sister.
    Lily: But...
    Miss Hannigan: Now about the 50 grand... Here's the split. Half for me, half for you two.
    Rooster: Deal.
    Lily: Hey! Wait a gosh-darned minute.
    Miss Hannigan: You wanna be cut out of the deal completely?
    Lily: Heck, no!
    Miss Hannigan: Then stop whining.
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  • Miss Hannigan coming home at the end of "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile."
    Miss Hannigan: (offscreen) Did I hear happiness in there?!
  • When Mr. and Mrs. Mudge "find out" about Warbucks' $50,000 reward:
    Mrs. Mudge: We sure don't want no money, we want our little girl. Come on, Paul.
    (The pair starts to leave with Annie, then stops halfway through)
    Mr. Mudge: On the other hand... with $50,000, we could afford to bring Annie upright. In what form might this money be?
    Warbucks: A certified check. You can pick it up tomorrow with Annie.
    Rooster and Hannigan (totally breaking character): ...Tomorrow?
    • The two come by the next morning to pick up Annie. At this point, Rooster just wants to get his damn money and be done with it already.
    Mrs. Mudge: We'd better be on our way with our little Annie.
    Mr. Mudge (holding out his hand): And our little check.

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