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Funny / Annie (1999)

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  • Hannigan's reaction upon discovering that Annie managed to escape in the laundry truck.
  • Miss Hannigan and Rooster sing sweetly about their departed mother...
    "Mother Dear! Oh, we know you're (the pair stop looking up and look straight down) down there listening!"
  • Lily's introduction.
    Lily: Ms. Lily St. Regis. I was named after the hotel.
    Miss Hannigan: Oh, which floor?
    • The true hilarity happens a little later on with a well-planned Brick Joke:
    Lily: Oliver Warbucks, the millionaire?
    Miss Hannigan: The billionaire, ya dumb hotel!
  • When Rooster first shows up in disguise, Miss Hannigan says, quite deadpan, "If you're gonna rob this place, start with the orphans".
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  • During "Little Girls", Duffy and Pepper can be heard arguing upstairs. Miss Hannigan's "SHUT UP!" is less angry and more annoyed.
  • In this version, Miss Hannigan poses as one of the Mudges instead of Lily. Why? Well...
    Rooster: Those other cons ain't got a sister... who knows all there is to know about the kid.
    Miss Hannigan: Yeah, yeah, I know all about Annie. I also know Miss St. Regis here ain't got the brains for the job. She makes one slip, and we all end up behind bars for life.
    [Beat as Rooster considers this.]
    Rooster: Yeah, you're right. Lily's out. (shoves Lily off the desk)
    Miss Hannigan: And I'm in. Sorry, sister.
    Lily: But...
    Miss Hannigan: Now about the 50 grand... Here's the split. Half for me, half for you two.
    Rooster: Deal.
    Lily: Hey! Wait a gosh-darned minute.
    Miss Hannigan: You wanna be cut out of the deal completely?
    Lily: Heck, no!
    Miss Hannigan: Then stop whining.
    • And the best part? Miss Hannigan was right to think that Lily didn’t have the brains for the job! Because when Lily was assigned to watch the orphans, she wound up Saying Too Much, alerting the other orphans to Annie’s potential danger! The girls then force Lily to spill the beans and then manipulate her into going after Rooster and Miss Hannigan and thus ruin the whole scheme! Lily really was Too Dumb to Live!
  • Miss Hannigan coming home at the end of "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile".
    Miss Hannigan: (offscreen) Did I hear happiness in there?!
  • When Mr. and Mrs. Mudge "find out" about Warbucks' $50,000 reward:
    Mrs. Mudge: We sure don't want no money, we want our little girl. Come on, Paul.
    (The pair starts to leave with Annie, then stops halfway through)
    Mr. Mudge: On the other hand... with $50,000, we could afford to bring Annie up right. In what form might this money be?
    Warbucks: A certified check. You can pick it up tomorrow with Annie.
    Rooster and Hannigan (totally breaking character): ...Tomorrow?
    • The two come by the next morning to pick up Annie. At this point, Rooster just wants to get his damn money and be done with it already.
    Mrs. Mudge: We'd better be on our way with our little Annie.
    Mr. Mudge (holding out his hand): And our little check.
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  • Lily, looking down at her cuffs, tries to look on the ''bright side'' of life.
    Lily: (is thoughtfull for a moment, then smiles) Well, it ain't Easy Street, but at least I'm wearing silver!
  • Miss Hannigan screaming at the sight of Annie's friends seeing through her disguise. Heck, all of Hannigans' breakdown near the end was pretty hilarious.
    • Hannigan even sings a reprise of "Little Girls" as she's led away by the police.