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Heartwarming / Annie (1999)

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  • Annie's friendship with Sandy the dog is very adorable. First she let him take the corncob she'd stolen, then he decided to bring it back to her out of guilt. Then she does her best to protect him from the dog catcher, and he came when she called him.
  • Oliver Warbucks singing "Something was missing" to Annie. Victor Garber put a lot of emotion into this scene, and while it might have come off as over the top corny, it just works with him.
  • Warbucks' heartfelt talk with Annie was very sweet.
    Warbucks: Annie, I love you as if you were my own little girl. I want to adopt you. Would you consider it?
    Annie: It's just that I love my real mother and father so much. I don't know if I could love anybody else.
    Warbucks: I understand, but if you could find a place in your heart for me...
    • Followed by:
    Annie:Mr. Warbucks, if I can't have my real parents, I think I'd really like it if you'd be my father.
  • After Annie learns the fate of her real parents.
    Annie: (she walks away and Grace follows her) So, I really am an orphan.
    Grace: Annie, are you alright?
    Annie: (Annie turns around) Yeah, I think so. See, I always knew that parents loved me and that they would come back for me someday. If they were alive. (wipes away a tear and Grace hugs her) I guess you have to look at the bright side. At least I'm not a Mudge.
  • "I don't need anyone but you..."
  • "Tomorrow." The pure hope and optimism of a little girl in the worst of situations just melts your heart.
    The sun'll come out tomorrow,
    so you gotta hang on 'til tomorrow!
    Come what may!
  • This final exchange:
    Warbucks: I love you very much, Annie.
    Annie: And I love you, Daddy Warbucks.
    • As well as the final shot of Warbucks, Annie and Grace, with their arms around each other, singing "I don't need anything but you."
  • Andrea McArdle's Remake Cameo as "Star to Be in NYC." Laurie Beechman, who originated the role in the original Broadway production (her first Broadway role), passed away shortly before the film debuted, and McArdle even sang the song at her memorial, making the whole cameo a kind of tribute to Beechman.

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