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Funny / Annie (2014)

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  • The part where Miss Hannigan comes up to his car and Stacks mistakes her for a sex worker:
    Miss Hannigan: Hey, Mr. Will Stacks!
    Stacks: No, thank you! I'm not looking for temporary companionship!
    Miss Hannigan: What?
    Stacks: God has a path for us all, and your path should be away from the car!

    Miss Hannigan: You think you're better than me?!
    Stacks: I am better than you!

    Miss Hannigan: Like me on Facebook!
    Stacks: I don't like you in Harlem! Why would I like you on Facebook?
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  • Hannigan's outburst in the middle of "Little Girls".
    But I find myself here at this snothouse / Little shoes, little socks, please kill me! I'm serious! Please kill me! I'm not singing, I'm asking!"
  • The entirety of Moon Quake Lake.
    Mila Kunis' character: Says the boy who doesn't have to go home to the moon every night. [moon tears]
  • Grace is insistent that Annie's bow be tied with the satin facing out. Stacks does not understand why it's so important. Includes this blink-and-you-miss-it line:
    Stacks: I used to know a girl named Satin...
    Grace: No need to elaborate.
  • This gem during the Hard-Knock Life number:
    Mia: What does "hard-knock life" mean?
    Pepper: It means our life sucks!
    Mia: Oh, then yeah.
  • When Guy posts the news that Stacks saved Annie from being run over, he suggests that Stacks invite Annie to lunch. Stacks orders Grace to bring her despite Guy's protests:
    Guy: No, Will! Let me pick her up! Please! It was my idea! Let me go to Harlem!
    Stacks: They'll whoop your ass in Harlem!
    Guy: Don't you shut me off! Don't you dare shut me off!
    (Stacks shuts Guy off)
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  • This dialogue from Annie & Stacks when Mr. Stacks tells her he's running for mayor:
    Will Stacks: 'The more we're seen together the better for my campaign.
    Annie: Wait, that's how America's elected?
    Will Stacks: Yes, insane, ain't it?
    Annie: I bet if I moved in with you, you'd become president!
    Will Stacks: (Spit Take) That would be. (coughs) But this is not that kinda party.
  • Will quoting The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song while campaigning.
  • When the protagonists find out that Guy had Annie kidnapped, Guy grabs Grace's arm and insists she talk Will out of firing him/going after Annie. Grace proceeds to slug him, to which Pepper says, "It's not 'cause she likes you!" Made funnier on two counts: (1) refined Grace did the slugging and (2) Pepper had actually punched a guy in her class once because she liked him; she got suspended and they like each other now, according to Annie.
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  • This split-second line when Guy tells Will to take Annie to lunch:
    Guy: This is fantastic, Will, I'm telling you it's the most human thing you've done in this campaign, with all due respect.
    Will Stacks: None taken.
  • During the Newspaper Montage showcasing the photos of Will and Annie, you can see one of the 'headlines' at the side reads: Stop Reading This and Watch the Movie.