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Funny / And Then There Were None (2015)

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  • The actor U.N. Owen hired to record the accusations is told that his voiceover is for a play on the West End, and he's quite concerned if he's going to be credited or not.
  • While explaining why he attends the execution of every man he sentences to hang, Judge Wargrave answer, with great gravitas, that "With great power comes great responsibility".
  • Lombard confronts Blore about him taking the longest to join the others. Blore initially refuses to talk about it, but eventually admits that his delay was caused by... wait for it... constipation. This causes everyone else to burst out laughing.
  • Lombard's summation of Blore:
    Lombard: Any faith I had in the thin blue line evaporated the instant I met you, tubs.
    • And of Dr. Armstrong:
    Lombard: You are a first class, five-star, solid gold fucking moron!
    • Considering Lombard is the group's resident Deadpan Snarker with a decent amount of Gallows Humour, a lot of the things he says are quite funny given the circumstances. One great example is the following exchange between him and Miss Brent, after he announces that he's going to make Mr. Owen his 22nd victim:
    Miss Brent: How can you say that... so easily?
    Lombard: I just open my mouth and it comes out.
  • At breakfast, Miss Brent gives her condolences to Rogers on his wife's death which occurred a few hours before...before promptly asking whether her egg was boiled for four minutes precisely. The looks on everyone else's faces when she asks this are priceless.
    • Another along the same lines, when the group are discussing the Owens' names (Ulrich Norman and Una Nancy), there's some initial worry about Ulrich being a German name, at which point Miss Brent asks the rhetorical question "What can be more English than Norman?" The irony is not lost on Vera or Wargrave who share a look while visibly trying to keep from laughing.
  • When rewatching it once you know who the killer is, a lot of their reactions become subtly hilarious - especially at the first dinner when Blore (undercover at that point) claims to know the Owens.
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  • Another Rewatch Bonus: when discussing the U.N. Owen, Wargrave takes pains to say that he's been "thinking about" their supposed host and hostess' initials and explains how they spell unknown. You just imagine he's got sick of nobody picking up on his clever little pun there.
  • A bit of Black Comedy, but when the remaining members of the group are having an alcohol and stimulant fuelled party to try to stay awake, they play the "Swan Song"record again along with loud music. Hearing his name, Armstrong yells happily "Thats meeeeee!" The scene even ends with the record asking how they plead and those assembled(most of them anyway)cheerfully yelling "Guilty!"
    • Also towards the end of that scene, Claythorne and Lombard are slow dancing and we see, across the room, Blore and Armstrong slow dancing as well.
  • There is something deeply hilarious about hearing the words "He was very keen to forge an alliance. I don't know what he thought was going to happen when he ran outside to meet me." from Tywin Lannister's actor.


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