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Funny / The Andy Milonakis Show

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  • The theme song, for starters:

    I rock peas for my head
    But don't call me a peahead
    Bees on my head
    But don't call me a beehead
    Bruce Lees on my head
    But don't call me Leehead
    Now please excuse me, I gots to get my tree fed

    You wear namebrands and I make my own clothing
    I hang out with an apple who loves self-loathing:
    "I hate myself!"

    Pancake on my face makes me extra happy
    I like shampoo botlles that sit on my lappy
    Cuz it's my show, you can't tell me what to do
    When life hands me lemons, I make beef stew

    So yo, I gotta go
    It's time for me to rock it
    I put baloney in my left pocket
    Smear some cream cheese in my gold locket
    Cuz it's my show, I'm Andy Milonakis

    It's my show, I'm Shmandy Shmiloshmakis
    It's my show, I'm Andy Milonakis

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  • And the second theme song:
    I got peas on my head, but don't call me a-call me a-call me a...
    That's how I roll, son
    Got a new shirt and a brand new stroll, son
    It's crazy hot
    5 million degrees
    And I'm praying on my knees
    Just to get a little breeze
    Forget about Bs I got Qs on my head
    And all the other letters take a cruise on my head
    Bruce Lee's chillin', readin' news on my head
    And a moose is punching a bruise on my head
    Damn, Skippy, I moved to California
    Brand new show, but yo, I gotta warn ya
    If you carrot me, then you know I gotta corn ya
    Your footsie is stuck!
    Well, I'll shoehorn ya
    I'm Andy Milonakis and this is me show
    After me flow, you know we've got to go
    L.A. sun for my New York snow
    And a shmoow shmork for shmoork shmork show

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