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  • The attempt to put Hartnell's face in the title sequence is met with "No. God no. That's terrifying."
  • The first attempt at filming An Unearthly Child, thanks to the Troubled Production on display.
  • "Check the fornicator!"
    • This actually happened.
  • We get a creepy close up of the face of one of the original Cybermen . . . and then he starts smoking a cigarette and complaining that it's hot under his costume.
    • Then he notes that Hartnell is taking too long to get on set.
    Cyberman: Well, tell him to get his skates on. Some of us have got a bloody planet to invade.
  • Verity is badgering Peter Brackacki, the designer, for a TARDIS set, who has been dragging his feet because she's female. When she finally wears him down, he complies and designs a all of 30 seconds. Out of a reel of cotton, an ashtray, and a couple of sheets of hole punches, no less.
    • What makes it even better is that Verity uses it and makes it work, when Brackacki clearly meant for it to be a joke.
  • Every time a child pretends to be a Dalek.
    • The Dalek costume worn by Hartnell's granddaughter, and when she tries to "exterminate" people.
      • Becomes a Brick Joke: when Bill is rehearsing lines in his living room, he mentions Susan, making his granddaughter curious as to who Susan is. When Bill mentions Susan is his granddaughter, his real granddaughter gets defensive, necessating an explanation that Susan was Bill's character's granddaughter. Come the scene where his real granddaughter is dressed as a Dalek, guess who is the only person that the granddaughter is shown trying to "Exterminate?" Carole Ann Ford, otherwise known as Susan (granted, there's no actual menace, but it is funnier considering the earlier scene).
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  • When asked by a young fan when the Daleks would return, Hartnell jokes that they're "taking over the world".
  • An annoyed director telling off a Dalek while filming a scene on Westminster Bridge.
    • Even funnier when you notice that the Dalek operator in question actually goes so far as to move the Dalek's eyestalk about and up to look right back at him in kind while the director's telling him off.
  • During the filming of The Dalek Invasion of Earth, a Roboman extra asks Hartnell for advice on how to show the humanity of the part, only to be brushed of rudely by Hartnell due to his sadness at Carol Ann Ford leaving. Historically, Hartnell was severely injured on set due to being dropped by a Roboman extra, this exact Roboman extra! The implication here is that the extra either dropped Hartnell on purpose out of spite, or did it be genuine accident due to focusing too much on his own part.

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