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That was the Doctor
When William Hartnell looked over the TARDIS controls panel that wasn’t Matt Smith but the real doctor looking back at him.
  • The Doctor's TARDIS had been shoved into this parallel universe where his life was a TV show. The Tardis saw the set and matched it, materializing over the set.

Sequels will be made
  • About the production during each Doctors tenure
    • Or, more likely, two sequels chronicling the initial cancellation and revival, respectively. Doing each Doctor's run would get pretty boring, considering 2-5's time on the show were pretty uneventful.
      • Well, there were a lot of moments during their runs that were pretty notable behind the scenes, such as Roger Delgado dying, Tom Baker's fallout with Lalla Ward, etc.
      • Maybe the sequel to the cancellation will feature the Wilderness Years, such as the TV Movie, and pay tribute to Big Finish Doctor Who.
      • This Troper thinks the best course for a sequel would be the show's 2005 beginning.

First Doctor cameos
David Bradley will appear in Doctor Who Proper as the first doctor. He has Hartnell's mannerisms down pat.
  • Not likely, which is a shame even for those who did like the 50th anniversary special. They had the set and actors who played their characters' characters beautifully: we could've had a team up between the first (televised) crew of the TARDIS and the current (as of 2013) crew. Oh well, it's nice to think about at least :)
  • Confirmed! David Bradley will be playing The First Doctor in the 2017 Christmas Special for Peter Capaldi's last show.

Argus Filch (who is also played by David Bradley) is a Time Lord.
Hogwarts is his Tardis - bigger on the inside and amazing properties and all.

The scene where William Hartnell looks over and sees Matt Smith
  • That was really the Eleventh Doctor looking back at his First incarnation and telling him the plan to freeze Gallifrey in ''The Day of the Doctor".
    • But why talk to an actor?

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