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Fridge Horror

  • Natalie, a twelve year old girl, is kidnapped by an evil wizard known as Hawk. At one point, Hawk enters the room where Natalie is held captive and declares that she has to participate in a "magic bonding" ritual and for that, she should change into special dress. When the girl demands privacy for changing, he leaves, but not before mentioning that once the bonding is complete, she "won't be so shy". Now for child this is terrifying since it becomes increasingly clear (from this and other scenes) that the "bonding" should allow Hawk to Mind Control Natalie, and that he indeed has such power (and is ready to embarass her to no end). But for an adult, there is also a hint that he lusts after Natalie, and once his Mind Control works, she'll be his Sex Slave as well. Ouch.
    • This becomes even more disturbing when you realize that Natalie actually isn't that shy. With Merlin, "turn around and don't peek" is enough, and later she even strips down to underwear in front of him to take a swim. This means that Natalie was particularly uncomfortable with Hawk, probably because she instinctively sensed his intentions towards her...
    • An unrelated, "quickthaw"-type Fridge Horror sets in when you think about the Council: it consists of thirteen Magelords/Ladies, each of whom must have "bonded" with twelve other mages (presumable they volunteered for that, and are treated better than Hawk's group, but still...). Natalie's mother, being a Magelady herself, also had such a bond, and there are implicitly many more Magelords - meaning hundreds, possibly thousands of mages in servitude. And those are the supposedly the good guys...
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    • There also is an in-story example here. When Natalie is kidnapped, she doesn't believe in magic, so when she hears a plan to Mind Control her, and other magical details, she dismisses tham as utter nonsence. While she is scared, it's a "OMG, I am kidnapped by a batshit insane cult!" - variety. Only much later, when she realizes that magic is real, does she understand in what a danger she was, and still is.


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