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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Walt confesses to the priest, but doesn't talk about his experiences in the war. His true confession comes later, to Thao, after he's locked the kid in the basement. . . through a screen door, evoking the screen between the confessor and the penitent in the confession booth.
  • Just before the climax, Walt says he "finishes things". A good deal of the scenes in the film show a beginning or middle, but not the end. Thao showing up to work for Walt, Walt's conversation at the bar with the priest, the barbecue, etc.
  • The first time you watch the movie, you'll probably wonder why Walt is getting a straight shave and is being fitted for a suit. After the end, it makes sense - he's getting cleaned up for his funeral, which he's already planned.
    • Because he wouldn't trust his family to take care of that properly.
  • Pay attention at the end, and you will see that the cop arresting Spider is also a Hmong. Becoming a thug was never the only choice for Thao, we just couldn't see any alternatives until after Walt's sacrifice.
  • After the driveby and Sue's rape, Walt is sitting in his living room smoking a cigarette when the priest arrives. The next day he smokes in the bathtub, telling Daisy the dog "he's never smoked in the house before." Clearly Walt is suffering from PTSD from the night's events, and doesn't remember the details from the prior evening (he was also probably drunk). This is further evidenced when he tells Thao he thinks about an enemy soldier he executed in Korea every day.
  • The Hmong ladies are really nice to Walt. Most Asian countries and cultures (including the Hmong) have a strong tradition of respect for elders, which Walt certainly is.

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