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Walt is really The Man With No Name.
Or one of his descendants. Both are assholes and retired badasses. They both go out of their own way to help out someone that needs it. I believe its the former, because many of the Characters Clint played in his westerns seem to be older than they appear. During the climax he makes a remark that the Big Bad is a miniature cowboy when he and his friends have their guns ready at him. To top it off he is able to intimidate most people without ever having to fire a shot. Last but not least unless he was planning to die anyway much like now. he would never lose a duel. Personally I think this was the final chapter of the Dollars series.
Thao joins the Army when he turns 18
Alternatively goes to college, and joins as an officer
  • That would actually be a good idea for the sequel if they ever make one.
    • What? That's a terrible idea, how would that be good sequel material? The entire point of the ending was teaching Thao that violence begets violence, and that war scarred him for life. Why the hell would Thao up and join the army in any capacity?
    • Attempt to end violence for other people? Just because you join the Army does not mean you will become a killer. Not all jobs in the Army are frontline infantry. There are several options to take.
    • Thao would want to become someone who protects. To this aim he could join the Army as an engineer or in the logistics. Or just become a cop like the guy who ultimately arrested Spider and his gang.
The granddaughter tries to get that Gran Turino from Thao
And she fails! Or she falls in love with Thao. Admit it, that would make a neat subplot for a sequel.
  • Not really when Thao already has a way more attractive girlfriend.
Thao will eventually move into Walt's house.
Because he knows that's where the Torino belongs.
All of Father Janovich's actions in the movie were a Batman Gambit By Walt's wife to get him to get him into confession.
She told the Father to give the most disrespectful eulogy, he could think of to get his attention.

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