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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • A buzzed Walt pointing out to Thao that he is passing up a chance with Youa.
  • When Walt is having Thao do various chores for his neighbors, a little girl and her grandfather comes up and asks Walt if Thao can do a job for them. Walt responds very politely and almost grandfatherly to the little girl with no hint of sarcasm or insults.
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  • Walt lending Thao the Gran Torino to take Youa out on a date.
  • Walt leaves Thao his Gran Torino in his will, in gloriously profane fashion, much to the chagrin of his bitchy granddaughter.
  • It tends to get lost in everything that happens, but Father Janovich continues to try and honor Walt's wife's Last Request, and manages to bond with Walt despite all the insults that gets hurled his way.
    • During the whole ordeal, Walt insists on Janovich calling him Mr. Kowalski. Pretty much implying that only friends could call him Walt. After Sue's rape when Janovich goes to talk to Walt, not only does he share a beer with him; Walt insists on Janovich calling him by his first name, establishing that he finally considers him a friend.
  • Though also a Tear Jerker, the scene where Walt dies, is pretty heartwarming when the Hmong cop secretly told Thao what happened, and that Spider's Gang will be locked up for good.
  • Walt's funeral attended by many members of the Hmong community.
  • When the drive by occurs, the first thing Walt does is grab his gun. He doesn't fire it because they got away quickly. However after the whole ordeal is over, he goes to check on Thao's family to make sure they're ok and even waits for Sue to come back, as supposedly she went out beforehand. Sue does come back, but is worse off than Thao.

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