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Fridge / For Better or for Worse

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Fridge Horror

  • After Howard went after Elizabeth, they decide to simply fire and send him away instead of pressing charges for the assault. Elizabeth is actively coached to not report what happened. Later on, she's called in to testify during his trial for another crime. Who's pressing the charges — and when he committed the crime he's being charged for now — is never discussed. Just where did he go after Anthony, Liz and the others let him go... and what did he DO afterwards?
    • The sad thing is... this kind of thing sometimes happens in real life.
  • When Anthony and Therese's daughter grows up and learns the truth about her childhood and their marriage, chances are she won't be siding with either of her parents. Her father is a Manipulative Bastard who (emotionally) cheated on her mother, tried to form her into what he wanted her to be (only his wife and mother to his child), cared nothing about her postpartum depression or any other thoughts and dreams that she had and eventually married the other woman that her mother could never be. Her mother on the other hand, even though she was trapped in an unhappy marriage, had sympathetic reasons for her faithlessness and he deserved to be abandoned by her, has little warrant for abandoning her child, regardless of the feelings she had for Anthony. Also, given how she was always characterized as cold and distant it seems unlikely she will be able to justify her actions or get her daughter (who aside from being left behind, has spent years being raised by her father and stepmother, whose views of her most likely aren't very charitable) to see her point of view. Plus, if this were all Gender Flipped, guess which one would immediately be painted in the wrong?

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