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Awesome / For Better or for Worse

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  • Farley's Heroic Sacrifice. An aging dog, risking his life (and dying) to save April is nothing short of amazing.
  • For the strip itself, being willing to become the first to include a gay character.
  • Deanna FINALLY standing up to her mother, after months of Mira trying to live vicariously through her daughter by hijacking her wedding, when Mira takes issue with Lawrence being in the wedding party.
  • Elizabeth's dumping of her Bastard Boyfriend Eric deserves mention: For months, Eric had been cheating on Elizabeth with a woman named Tina who goes to their school and then emotionally manipulating her into feeling guilty for being at all suspicious. He then leaves for Hockey Practice, sans skates so Elizabeth runs them to him... and finds out he's not there and he's been bringing Tina to practice. She goes to Tina's apartment to confront them.. and it turns out Tina had no idea they were in a relationship, causing both to blow up at him:
    Eric: Tina, Elizabeth just calm down OK? You're accusing me of stuff and I need to get my head around it.
    Elizabeth: (while holding up an angry fist) Get your head around this!
    Tina: Elizabeth called one night looking for you... and you told me to say you weren't home! You had some stupid reason and like an idiot I believed you! You were cheating on her!
    Eric: What is this? Am I on trial here? Don't I get to say anything?
    Both Girls: Yes!! Plead Guilty!
    • Finally, Eric locks himself in the bathroom for a while out of fear from the girls before coming out and giving a sniveling, manipulative apology... and promptly gets Socked by both of them. They then proceed to chase him out of the apartment, with Elizabeth getting one last parting shot in: She gave his brand new skates to the Salvation Army.


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