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  • Why does Hans, Klaus and Greta have German accents? The German accents are actually a case of Fridge Brilliance. The show horses are meant to be Lipizzans, a breed most famously associated with the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. A large part of the breed's original bloodstock was brought into the Austro-Hungarian Empire from Spain when different branches of the Habsburgs ruled both areas. In other words, they are National Animal Stereotypes. This also explains why they're so associated with dancing; Lipizzans are often trained in fancy dressage techniques.
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  • The bulls operate under the assumption that if they're able to win against the matador, they'll be treated like kings. While bulls that actually win are killed, they're also not entirely wrong — the bull that performs well enough in the arena to warrant a very rare pardon and then survive his injuries afterwards is allowed to live out his natural life in the pasture as a stud. It stands to reason that the few bulls lucky enough to find themselves in this position either assumed they'd won or built up some sort of denial that they did, and that word got around.
  • Fridge Horror appears when one realizes most fighting bulls are around 3 or 4 years old...and that one of the arguments the bull fighting industry likes to use is that regular beef bulls are much, much younger.

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