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Tear Jerker / Ferdinand

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  • Young Ferdinand's father, Raf, is chosen to fight in the Bullring. Raf promises his son that he'll be back and show him his fighting techniques. We later see Ferdinand in his pen waiting for his father's return and when he hears the wagon returning, he goes to welcome back his father. However, he finds the wagon empty, and realizes that his father has been killed.
    • When Valiente's father callously dismisses Raf's death, even Valiente looks briefly sorry for Ferdinand.
  • After Ferdinand unintentionally ruins the flower festival, destroying public property and causing civilians to panic, he is captured and put on a wagon, all the while crying for Nina to help him. Nina is unable to do anything as her best friend is being taken to somewhere unknown.
  • Bones grieving over Guapo being sent to the slaughter house. He blames Valiente for pressuring Guapo to put on a show for the matador, but admits to Ferdinand that he also blames himself. He explains that he tried to teach Guapo to be stronger, to get him to focus and face his fears. And now he believes that he failed Guapo, and it's his fault for sending him to his death.
    • The absolute fury in Bones's voice when he confronts Valiente is absolutely gut-wrenching. One would be forgiven for believing that he was going to attack Valiente right then and there.
    Bones: (seething) You. You messed with his head. This is on you!
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  • Ferdinand finding the horns of the bulls put on display. It's at this point he realizes that no bull had a chance at leaving the fighting ring alive.
  • Right before the climactic bullfight, Lupe, who's been gleeful at the idea of training a prime fighting bull for many scenes, desperately begs Ferdinand to fight not for the glory, but so he won't get killed. It's pretty clear he's not going to.

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