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  • When Juan, Nina and Paco leave for the flower festival without Ferdinand, Ferdinand debates on whether or not to go without their consent.
    Ferdinand: If that orange doesn't fall by the time I count to three, I'm going. 1— (Orange falls)
    Ferdinand: If that rock is still there by the time I— (eagle snatches rock) What could you possibly need that for?!
    Ferdinand: Ok, if that egg doesn't hatch by the time I count to ten I'm going. 1— (Egg begins to hatch. Ferdinand gasps and quickly begins to count) 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10! Phew, didn't hatch! Flower festival; here I come!
  • The literal Bull in a China shop scene. Ferdinand is on the run and has to squeeze his way through the China shop, with the shop lady being completely oblivious. At one point she uses his tail as a duster. Eventually, she dusts his face, making him sneeze, sending her flying and shattering everything in the front window, including the window itself!
    • It seems the impact killed the old lady as nuns pray by her side... only for her to sit straight up on the bed of flowers, scaring the nuns away.
    China Shop Lady: Cash or credit?
    Nuns: AAAAH! (they flee in terror)
  • Ferdinand nearly runs into a bunny, which faints from trauma. He desperately tries to give it mouth to mouth and the bunny revives and goes back into its burrow.
    Ferdinand: Sorry I almost killed you! (the bunny throws a carrot at Ferd's nose) Ouch!
    • Later during the big escape, the animals hijack a truck to escape the bull pasture. Then Ferd sees the same bunny dead ahead and the gang pulls the breaks on. The truck comes to a screeching halt inches from the rabbit, who faints again. Not having time to give the rabbit resuscitation, Ferd leaves the job to the other bulls, but they aren't having much luck. Eventually, Maquina manages to get the bunny to regain consciousness by rubbing his hoofs together and then giving the bunny a heavy jolt of static electricity to the chest.
  • Pretty much everything that comes out of friendly, but slightly insane goat Lupe's mouth.
    Lupe: I've been waiting this moment my whole flea-bitten, tin-chewing life!
    • When she tries to introduce Ferdinand to the other bulls, someone throws a can at her and yells "YOU SUCK, LUPE!"
  • The nuns! Someone get those two some help, they're way too jumpy.
  • Maquina in general is funny in his exaggeratedly stoic demeanor and jerky, mechanical way of moving.
    • When he's introduced, a fly crawls on his eye, and when he blinks, it cuts the fly in half!
  • Angus' Blinding Bangs hindering his sight leads to a couple of funny scenes:
    • An anxious Angus, fearful that he might be sent to the chop house next, wants to tell Ferd his terrible secret. When Ferd agrees to hear it out, Angus walks past him and goes to a pitchfork (believing it to be Ferd). He then says that his secret is that he doesn't see very well.
  • The Dance Off between the bulls and the horses. The bulls win after the horses accidentally touch the electrified fence and shock themselves.
  • When Ferdinand rescues Guapo and Valiente (who starts to become nicer) from being butchered for meat, the trio reunite with the rest of the cast. The bulls happily welcome Guapo's safe return whilst they ignore Valiente. Valiente admits that he probably deserves it.
  • As the bulls are escaping, having hijacked a truck with the hedgehogs and Lupe, they go driving past Moreno in slow-motion. Moreno then turns to El Primero and says, "Are you seeing this too?!"
    • It's especially funny because it's one of the few moments in the movie when a bunch of animals doing very un-animal-like things is actually acknowledged as weird.
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  • As the bulls are fleeing through the city from Moreno and his men, they come across a family who are taking pictures of the father in a matador cardboard cutout, they charge at him. When Guapo attacks him, he sees that the father's son is taking pictures, and quickly makes an award-winning smile for a few shots.
  • During the climactic bullfight, Ferdinand actually turns the tables on the matador when the cape snags on his horns. In trying to get the cape back, the matador is acting like a bull while Ferdinand is (accidentally) performing the matador's maneuvers while trying to shake the cape off.