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Fridge Brilliance

  • The opening cutscene, with the Ghosts fighting against an Arab Coalition, is a metaphor for the rest of the game. Elias portrays the Israelis and US forces in white, and talks about their killings as heroic; however, the Arabs are in black and are basically said to be pure evil, trying to blow up a civilian hospital. However, the Arab-Israeli conflict is, in real life, a very morally grey conflict with neither side really being more righteous than the other; mirroring how, for all Elias's talks of righteousness, the USA and the Federation are just as bad as each other, and none of the Ghosts are willing to even think about how they've become worse than the people they're fighting, hiding it behind propaganda and notions that the Feds are pure evil.
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  • The game makes it seem like The Federation is attacking the United State For the Evulz. Those knowledgeable about Latin American history, however, knows that America has a long and sordid history of supporting human rights abuses in Latin America to further its own interests. While this doesn't excuse the atrocities committed by the Federation, it does mean that their motive for attacking the US may be far more complex than "because they're bad guys!".

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