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Awesome / Call of Duty: Ghosts

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  • Mosley and Baker's Dying Moment of Awesome, taking down ODIN single-handedly, even though they knew that they are not going to make it back.
  • Being able to use Riley to use his jaws and take down a Federation soldier by ripping out his throat.
  • Taking over the LOKI system and using it to utterly annihilate an entire Federation army & navy in less than five minutes. Oh-so-satisfying to drop their own Rods of God right on top of the bastards and see fifty tanks go up in flames with every shot.
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  • This is the first Call of Duty game to feature zero-gravity combat in outer space, and it's actually pretty awesome.
  • The mission "Severed Ties" has the United States launching an airborne assault on a Federation facility... by dropping friggin' tanks out of heavy lift cargo planes.
  • The final mission, with Hesh and Logan pursuing Rorke on a train, and before entering the platform Rorke is in, ordered Merrick to have the LOKI satellite to fire on their position in case Rorke gets the upper hand.
    Hesh: Checkmate.
    Merrick: Checkmate confirmed.
    Rorke: What is that? What did you do?!
    Hesh: You lost, Rorke. It's over.
    Rorke: Shit, son...
  • The arrival of the Free Fall multiplayer map on the Wii U making this the first CoD Downloadable Content to ever hit a Nintendo platform.
  • Logan and Hesh using a fire extinguisher to clear a room.
  • Rorke is the only COD main antagonist to survive the final mission. (Not counting Menendez, of course, as 2 of 3 endings can get him killed.)

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