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Film / Satansbraten

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The talent and his admirer

Satansbraten (in German, "Satan's Brew") is a 1976 film by Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

It is dedicated to the life of the damned poet, Walter Kranz, who is besieged by life. He cannot write any poems and he desperately needs money. He also has troubles with his numerous women.


  • Black Comedy: Of the blackest, most sarcastic kind.
  • Black Comedy Animal Cruelty: Ernst Kranz, the brother of Walter enjoys killing the flies to whom he is also sexually attracted. He, per Walter, tries to have sex with them but without much success.
  • Happy Ending: For the main character albeit the one of the most sarcastic kind.
  • Left for Dead: Irmgart von Witzleben by Walter Kranz who shoots her down except that his gun is equipped with Trick Bullets.
  • World of Ham: Everyone in this film is overacting. Starting with the main character, of course but many others too.
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  • Writer's Block: Walter Kranz has not written anything during last two years.