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"No one can take your kidney... But me."

Koma is a Psychological Thriller from Hong Kong directed by Chi-Leung Law.

A complicated Love Triangle emerges during an investigation into the theft of a woman's kidney during a wedding party. Chi Ching (Angelica Lee, The Eye) reports a suspicious woman to the police, only to find that the woman in question, Suen Ling (Karena Lam), has had an affair with Chi's boyfriend, Raymond (Andy Hui).

Tensions rise as a game of cat and mouse begins to play out, with Ching worried that Ling means her harm. When Ling ends up rescuing Ching from a mysterious assailant, the latter attempts to mend ways, and start an unlikely friendship. Soon, however, the truth begins to unravel, and both find themselves on the brink of unspeakable danger.

Not to be confused with the Iranian film Komaa.


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