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So, we have Jaws, a movie about a shark causing havoc at a beach. That spawned numerous sequels and ripoffs. One of the better-known is Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, but one of the most overlooked is this little bizarre gem that does something new with the plot: conditions the sharks for counterterrorist ops.

As can be expected, this goes horribly wrong: while one of the five sharks is normally a little more difficult to control, this time around, a programming screw-up means that there are now five rogue sharks, one of which has a nuclear warhead in its mouth.


Tropes contained in this movie:

  • Artistic License – Nuclear Physics: Apparently, a warhead can be avoided if you just go to a different room.
  • Calling Me a Logarithm: A soldier thinks "Kafka" is a swear word, and tells the guy who mentioned it not to talk that way in front of the ladies.
  • Death by Mocking: Some girls are trying to break into a restricted area, through an electric fence. Two of them test it and "pretend" to get shocked. They are the first to get eaten.
  • Hazardous Water: A guy falls off a pier, and flashes around before he gets pulled to safety, despite him already being withing arms reach of those trying to save him.
  • Stock Footage: Every so often, there's a shot of the sharks swimming towards the camera. They swim up separately, meaning that it's easy to cut the shot whenever one shark gets killed.


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