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Fanon that applies to the 2003 Teen Titans animated series.

  • Commonplace fanon's for Starfire:
    • A lot of fanfiction has Starfire referring to all her friends as "Friend *insert name here*" despite her never having that particular Verbal Tic in the show.
      • The source of the Verbal Tic is actually from the ending of "Aftershock Part 2", where Starfire places flowers next to Terra's statue and says, "I shall miss you friend", that evolved into the Verbal Tic used in fanfiction.
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    • Starfire's starbolts and energy projection are the results of experiments done on her by the Gordonians. This comes from the comics, but due to changes in her backstory, it's unknown if it also applies to the cartoon or if she naturally has those powers.
    • Starfire's naivety often gets exaggerated in fan-works.
    • Starfire's Rape as Backstory from the comics was removed in the cartoon. Despite this, it commonly appears in fanworks that go into her past. She's also frequently depicted as a slave, however, in the canon of the cartoons, it's shown that she escaped captivity in route to that destination.
    • Works set after The Movie has Starfire on a First-Name Basis with Robin (often with her calling him "Richard" instead of the diminutive "Dick"). Robin, in turn, calls her "Kori/Kory" (a shortening of her non-translated name, "Koriand'r").
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    • Robin and Starfire will end up married. They also have a daughter named "Mar'i Grayson". This is due to them having Mar'i in Kingdom Come. Sometimes they also have a son named "Jacob Grayson" (or "Jake" for short), which comes from Nightwing: The New Order.
  • The fandom agrees that Jump City - where the show is set - is in California. This was semi-confirmed in a promo video which advertised the third season and made the rounds at conventions in 2004, which previewed the "Titans East" storyline by showing a map of the US that had the main team located in California, while the East team appeared to be in New York. The map never showed up on the show itself, though.
  • Robin is apparently an insomniac. Considering how obsessive he can get when hunting criminals, it's not too much of a stretch.
  • There is quite a bit of fanon about Raven:
    • Raven has a Hair-Trigger Temper.
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    • Raven often responds to aggravation with bodily harm (the "throwing Beast Boy out of a window" bit is especially ubiquitous).
    • Raven can't smile, and in some cases, show any emotion except for the aforementioned temper without her powers going out of control. While she was The Stoic in the original comics, in the cartoon she shows a good range of emotion, with the issue instead of being excessive displays of emotion, or trying to repress her emotions entirely. Basically, if she's just smiling or laughing (which she has done numerous times) without throwing in some jumping for joy, she won't be blowing things up by accident any time soon.
    • In fan-works, religious symbols harm her due to being half-demon. She has been shown in a church without issue, implying that this isn't true.
    • Raven is associated with a whole plethora of cliche Goth tropes that are all taken as fact by the fanbase or fanfic writers, despite no real proof from the show itself.
    • Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo had the fans assuming Raven was so violent toward Beast Boy during the event of the film because she was in her period, which is... yeah.
    • Due to the prevalence of the Dangerous 16th Birthday trope, fan theory assumes that Raven was fifteen at the start of the series and turned sixteen in her Birthday Episode. Generally, she is 16-18 by the last season.
    • Raven was ready to kill herself in order to stop Trigon from using her as a portal. Alternatively, she couldn't die or Trigon would automatically win.
    • If Raven calls characters by their names she always uses their full names ("Richard" not "Dick", "Garfield" not "Gar", "Victor" not "Vic", etc), which is taken from the original comics.
    • Due to a misunderstanding from the comics, many fans believe that Raven's "real name" is Rachel Roth. Her name is Raven. Just "Raven". "Rachel" is a made-up name she uses as a civilian in the original comics. Her mother's surname is "Roth", but Raven rarely uses it.
  • Fans almost always write Bumblebee as having feelings for Cyborg and Beast Boy secretly liking Raven (or the other way around if the writer ships Beast Boy and Terra). Word of God is that both relationships are platonic in canon, though the Pre-Flashpoint Titans comic books and the Teen Titans Go! cartoon have embraced the idea of Beast Boy and Raven having a thing for one another.
  • It is very common for the fans to assume that Teen Titans is part of the DC Animated Universe and, as a result, it is quite common for Justice League characters such as Batman, Superman and their Rogues Gallery to make an appearance. However, Teen Titans is indeed one of the few DC animated series from the time period to take place outside that continuity; some of the confusion may stem from the characters being alluded to in an episode of Static Shock, with that show having an awkward relationship to the DCAU canon (being retconned into it halfway through its run). Ignoring that, Robin's character is also in complete contrast to his DCAU persona (many of these fans also mistake Robin for The New Batman Adventures's Tim Drake, rather than Dick Grayson).
  • In his comics origin, Beast Boy spent much of his young childhood in Africa with his parents. This has caused the fanon that English is his second language.
  • Handicapped Badass Blackfire appears often in fanworks that deal with her. This is due to the fact she has a Fictional Disability in the comics — she can't fly like others of her kind can. To give Blackfire more depth and to give her a Freudian Excuse, fanon has her being ostracized and belittled due to her disability, which caused her to revolt and become villainous.
  • The reason why Blackfire speaks English so fluently is that she's kissed more English-speakers than Starfire.
  • Beast Boy and Starfire are the Token Religious Teammates on the team, with Beast Boy being Christian and Starfire worshipping X'hal. Robin is usually pinned as an atheist (Although in the older comics, Nightwing is implied to be a non-practicing Catholic).
  • Slade as a Depraved Bisexual. His relationship with Terra is also brought back, though usually less dubiously consensual than in the comics thanks to their differing personalities.
  • Barbara Gordon is either Robin's Childhood Friend or his ex-girlfriend.
  • Kid Flash and Robin know each other, if only by their superhero alias. This is due to them being close friends dating back to the original Teen Titans.
  • Speedy and Cheshire have some slight Ship Tease in the cartoon as a Mythology Gag to their relationship in the comics. Fans usually depict them as becoming a couple eventually.
  • Speedy either uses heroin or used to. This references his drug addiction from the comics.
  • Cyborg is eighteen, thus explaining why the Titans need no adult supervision (since at least one of them is legally an adult). This is Ascended Fanon in Teen Titans Go!.
  • It's explained in the comics that Tameranians can learn languages through any sort of skinship contact, but that Starfire just prefers kissing. The cartoon seems to have kissing as the only way, however, some still think of the comic version as canon in order to explain why every Tamaranian but Starfire speaks English.
  • The girl in "Things Change" is named Tara, which is Terra's real name. Whether fans believe she's Terra with amnesia, Terra faking amnesia, Terra's clone, Terra's twin, or whatever, she's usually referred to as "Tara".
  • Jinx is Indian but has an Ethnicity Obscuring Mutation. This is because she's an Indian woman in the original comics.
  • Jinx's powers led to the death of her parents (or, at minimum, her mother).

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