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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Pokémon authors and websites, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic you like to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.

  • recommended by Celebi Son
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  • Comments: Vogelimkafig writes a series of drabble about the lives of major characters in the pokemon franchise years after the events of their games' main story, though the stories tend to focus on Hilbert/Skyla and Sun/Lillie Shipping (mostly the latter). most of Vogelimkafig's posts are short drabbles that focus on isolated moments in the characters' lives, but together provide an insightful look into the daily lives of the characters. In the case of Sun and Lille, for example, Vogelimkafig's stories span a timeline ranging from shortly after Lillie leaves for Kanto to Sun and Lillie's wedding to a decade after the birth of Sun and Lillie's first daughter, an OC named Rose. Drabbles are released out-of-order, based on when they are written rather than where they fall in the timeline. Additionally, while the author usually tends toward the K/K+ age rating, a few fics do venture into the T and above category. can be found on AO3 as well as FFN

Damned Lolita, full stop.



  • Recommended by Dialga X
  • Comments: He has written Poké Wars. While he does have some slight grammatical issues in his earlier stories he more than makes up for them with rich character development and absolutely dazzling action sequences. His grammar improves quite a lot in the later stories too.


  • Reccomened by: Azelf 2010
  • Comments: What makes Birdboy's work stand out from that of other fanfic writers is the way he manipulates established canon by reconciling reality and fantasy, all to tremendous effect. While best exemplified by Pokedex, an addictive collection which reads like a series of fables and old folktales, his other works are just as inspired.
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  • Seconded by molokai198


  • Recommended by discorobots
  • Comments: While generally her fics can be summed as "people talk and nothing happens," the beauty lies in how she punctuates characterization. All of her works consists of dialogue and small titbits that builds up wonderful character study fics. Her strongest character seems to be Green and does a wonderful job of writing him in multitudes of situations that leads people to understand more of his persona.
  • You might want to check out Kuruk and Chrysa as well if you're into those types of fic.


  • Recommended by Mattman 324, Syncogon
  • Comments: She's a great fanfiction writer, with most of her fanfictions taking ideas that no one else thinks of and expanding on them. She very rarely starts a fanfic that turns out either bad (Mundane Story being the only example) or abandoned (Trial by Water... for other reasons). Most of her bigger ones (Mage Ruby, The Ballad of Deoxys and Mewtwo, PMD Loopholes) live on the plot mixed with some comedy, but her more serious work (Six Spirit, Mage Ruby (again), her one shots) are also good reads.


  • Recommended by Pichu
  • Comments: Chandelure's works are typically drabbles, some less than 200 words, but they're rather powerful and descriptive. They typically lean toward grimdark but not overly so.

Rave The Rich

  • Recommened by Nightshade 1218
  • Comments: Recognizable by his distinct and fluently extensive writing style, Rave is probably best known in the Pokemon fanon for his Yuri stories, including A Confession Gone Awry (Dawn/Zoey), All Roads Lead To The Grand Festival (May/Kelly) and his newest WIP The Buster Gets Busted (Iris/Georgia). Some of his works are heavy with mature content, and notably Pokemon (including pokemon battles) are rare in appearances, but his works are exceptional slice of life fics.


  • Recommended by TMNTFanGirl
  • Comments: She's an excellent who mostly writes fanfiction about the Pokémon-franchise, and is a huge fan of Pokeshipping (the pairing of Ash Ketchum and Misty), who, in nearly all of her stories, are married with three kids: a son named Aiden Nash Ketchum and two daughters named Michelle Aimi Ketchum and Elizabeth Dilynne Ketchum (Aiden and Michelle are also fraternal twins. My favorite stories are "Family Matters" (Family Matters-Volume 1 has nearly 500-chapters, and she recently started Family Matters-Volume 2), which is a series of one-shots about the daily family/friend life of Ash, Misty and their kids, and "A New Era, A New Adventure" (the story of Aiden and Michelle going on their own Pokémon-journey with Brock's nephew, Brandon).
    • PS...nyislandersgirl has also written fanfictions for Series/Glee and Series/Castle.

Pokéumans (actual story found here). Ongoing.
  • Recommended by 1810072342.
  • Synopsis: Due to events a long time ago, people around the world find themselves transforming into Pokemon. They have to live in secret underground bases to prevent humans going insane about the discovery (this takes place in the real world, and not even a fictional version), and the Pokextinction movement wants them wiped out.
  • Comments: A fully developed story which inspired a group of continuation stories on the same concept and an entire group on the website, with a community and group events. The story itself is well-written and entertaining, especially if you want something outside the usual fanfic stuff. It may well be interesting as an exercise in seeing how an idea done well enough can prompt a reaction of that kind, or even of artist development (the story quality picks improves considerably as time goes on, although it's not exactly terrible to begin with). All in all, worth a look if you want a Pokemon story that you'll probably never have seen the same kind of before.

  • Recommended by Griffin
  • Comments: Some of her fics have made it onto the general recommendations, but I would like to say her work as a whole is good, if extremely dark. Seriously. If you don't like "training is slavery" stories, you probably won't like her work. Still, some of them can bring on extremely tearjerking moments.
  • Seconded by NeoQwerty
  • Thirded by Fool

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