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Hello, fellow sentient lifeforms. I am a Melancholic/Phlegmatic Neutral Good Knight in Sour Armour. I respect proper grammar and dislike how illiterate the internet has become, though I don't like to call myself a Grammar Nazi because I hate the negative connotations of that title. Speaking of which, one of my pet peeves is people who capitalize random words, because It is Annoying. I've spent a lot of time in the Pokemon section of, where people capitalize Pokemon species and other random words that are capitalized in the game but should not be capitalized in-universe, and I now wish to squash such errors the moment I see them.


Pages I have created:

My favourite Final Fantasy is VII, and VI and X are tied for close second. I like The World Ends With You better than all of them, though. Also, my favourite RPG Maker game is The Reconstruction.


My favourite book series is the Old Kingdom trilogy, though the Keys To The Kingdom series and His Dark Materials are very good too in my opinion. (I'm agnostic bordering on atheist, by the way)

I don't really enjoy any media other than Video Games or Literature, though I do like a few webcomics.

One of the things I'm bad at: Writing descriptions. I'm absolutely terrible at Wikipedia-like explanations, plot summaries, etc. If you're good at those, better descriptions for the pages I created would be very much appreciated.

Interesting trivia: Despite the fact that I use British spelling and grammar, I am not, in fact, British. I just prefer British dialects over American ones.


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