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Fanfic Recs / Harper's Island

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Beware of heavy spoilers.

General fics

Everyone's Got a Story by ThePlotMurderers
  • Recommended by: Melinda
  • Status: On hiatus
  • Synopsis: A series of prequel one-shots focusing on the 25 victims (although the author only finished eight).
  • Comments: The characters get powerful stories that feel true to their original depictions (particularly Lucy and Charlie), but with a few surprises thrown in. The author's summary also claims that the story is AU, which possibly averts the story's apparent Developing Doomed Characters nature. 

''In Another Life, You Might Be The Hero by inconstant heart

  • Recommended by: Melinda
  • Status: Complete
Synopsis: A one-shot story that details the Hidden Depths of three victims, as well as their last thoughts. 

Room 214 by Andrew B. Callahan

  • Recommended by: Melinda
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A brief one-shot where the killer waits outside of Trish's hotel room, waiting on her to make a decision which will affect whether she dies then and here, or everyone dies later.