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Awesome / Harper's Island

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  • In the flashback scene to Wakefield's original rampage, Jimmy lures the Ax-Crazy killer away from where Abby is hiding.
  • Shane's Heroic Sacrifice. Especially since he spent half the season being a Jerkass.
  • At the end of Episode 11, when Chloe decides to take away her own life rather than being killed by Wakefield and fearlessly says: "You can't have me".
  • Harkin and JD's largely off-screen investigation.
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  • Trish and Thomas fighting the attack dog, and then making their way back to the church for the rehearsal, while airing out their differences of opinion, provides a great Death In The Limelight for Richard Burgi.
  • Danny and Sully managing to capture Wakefield with some creative use of live bait.
  • Danny gets a Dying Moment of Awesome by pulling a Gandalf and holding off Wakefield to buy time for Maddison and Shea to escape. He holds his own against him and even gets a couple good shots in before he's killed off.
  • Trish slapping Sully when he tries to argue leaving Madison behind.
  • After being captured and taunted by Wakefield, Chloe defiantly says that her friends are going to find her and kill him.