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Funny / Harper's Island

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  • Cal's revenge on Sully for hitting on his girlfriend, leaving him upside-down in a snare all day because he forgot to return with help, and generally being an ass: getting said girlfriend to get Sully to go to the spa with her and get a "treatment" in which he is stripped naked but for a towel and pair of cucumber slices and slathered with honey, then emptying a pillow of feathers onto him and running away while Sully's friends watch and laugh.
  • "But Gigi is people!" Oh, Lucy...
    • "Gigi is going to be an appetizer if you don't get her off my bar!"
  • Sully's blow-up doll named Muffin.
  • Shane ruining his and Katherine's Lonely Together moment by clumsily asking how much money she inherited from her husband.
  • Sully briefly mistaking the bodyguard for the stripper he hired for whoever owned the money that they found.
  • A deleted scene where Beth motivates Malcom to climb out of a pit trap he fell into by calling him "husky" and then admitting that she knew how it would make him more angry and motivated because her dad called her that when she was Formerly Fat.