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Fanfic / When the Princess Met the Viking

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When the Princess Met the Viking is a Crossover How to Train Your Dragon/Brave fanfic written by fanfic writer cjupsher (also known for his superhero-based series and Star Wars series).

In an attempt to end the war between the Hooligan and Berkserker tribe Hiccup inadvertently kills Dagur. Hiccup makes himself the scapegoat to protect his home from retaliation of the Berserker tribe and goes into exile. He plans to hide in the highland where no Viking would dare to go and meets a redheaded princess. Will she kill him? Perhaps.

Story has not been updated since October 2014 and is presumably abandoned.

When the Princess Met the Viking provides examples of:

  • Birthday Episode: Chapter 11: The Birthday
  • The Dreaded: Hiccup's various accomplishments have become famous across the Archipelago, including the Vile Vermin.
    Bloodguts the Vile: Oh and I know who you are 'Dragon Conqueror'. We hear whispers of you from the other tribes who live at the borders of Vikings waters. Quite the legend you are...'A Hero to friends and a Harbinger to foes. On the mount that is one with darkness, his sword shines hope and blazes destruction. He is Hiccup the dragon conqueror, the first dragon rider, the death slayer, and the demon of the archipelago'.
  • Family of Choice: Hiccup winds up an an honorary member of Merida's family. He's allowed room and board at the castle (they offered it for free, but he Insists on Paying for it), he's allowed at their dinner table and has a lucrative job as their new blacksmith. Elinor dotes on him like one of their own and makes sure he eats. Fergus invites him to hunting and fishing trips. They even celebrate his birthday with a party when they find out that they missed it. This fact is even cemented by Fergus and Elinor's gifts to him - two kilts; one with a custom tartan and a second one with the official DunBroch tartan (Elinor) and a medallion with the DunBroch sigil on it (Fergus) - bringing him to tears.
    Merida: Hiccup? Are you ok?
    Hiccup: Oh yeah. Just something in my eye. [Hiccup rubbing his eyes as tears start breaking through.] Oh gods, it's really in there...
  • The Hunter Becomes the Hunted: The Vile Vermin would have succeeded in their invasion of DunBroch. Unfortunately, Merida convinces Hiccup and Toothless to help, the pair single-handedly destroying the armada and capturing their chief with barely any casualties.
  • Open-Minded Parent: While apprehensive at the idea of their daughter being friends with a viking and his pet dragon, Fergus and Elinor quickly grow fond of the both of them. They treat him like a member of the family, they offer him free housing in the castle and they even approve of his eventual relationship with Merida.
  • Persona Non Grata: An honorable example. In the ongoing fight between Hiccup and Dagur, Hiccup accidentally kills Dagur in an attempt at bringing him in. He is seen as a hero to his people and the Berserkers are glad to be rid of him, but they will wage war on principle anyway. To prevent war from breaking out, Hiccup and Toothless leave Berk forever on the grounds that the Berserker Tribe keeps away from the Hooligans.