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Open is a How to Train Your Dragon fanfic written by HeathenVampires.

Hiccup and Eret are pretty sure they have their open relationship all figured out. They had never accounted for someone like Astrid testing almost every rule they've ever had.

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This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Alternate Universe Fic: A Modern AU with no dragons with Hiccup and Eret gay with one another with Astrid thrown in. Can't get much more "alternate" than that.
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  • Babies Ever After: The end of the story has Astrid becoming pregnant despite being on birth control. It eventually reveals that she became pregnant with twins, with a third baby via superfetation. A few years later, she becomes pregnant with a fourth child.
  • Domestic Abuse: Before he ever met Hiccup, Eret was in an abusive relationship with Ryker Grimborn, having covered up the scars with tattoos. It is not until he manages to escape does he meet Hiccup, who helps him prosecute his abusive ex with his lawyer father. It is later revealed that Astrid was in an equally abusive relationship with Ryker's brother Viggo.
  • Ethical Slut: Despite being very open about their very open sex-lives, Eret and Hiccup are portrayed as being very well-balanced, patient and considerate individuals, treated Astrid and each other as equals and are very slow to judge about anything.
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  • I Want Grandkids: Hiccup and Eret's parents are supportive of their polyamoric, homosexual relationship, but it is clear that they feel mildly jilted with the unlikelihood of having grandkids, Eret Sr. admitting that he came to terms with his bloodline ending and Stoick drowning himself in his whittling hobby. They eventually get their wish when Astrid becomes pregnant.
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  • Like Brother and Sister: Dagur and Heather consider Astrid to be like a sister to them, especially when they helped her escape her abusive relationship with Viggo.
  • Polyamory: Eret and Hiccup are both bisexual men in an open relationship, being able to have one-night stands with complete strangers as long as they let each other know where they are, use protection and operate with complete honesty, with the story itself about them letting Astrid in with them in a three-way relationship.


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