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If you are a fan of Hellsing and you favor romantic pairings, chances are you've seen or written one of these.

  • Integra must have an heir to carry on the Hellsing line; no one seems to realize that she cannot be forced legally into it and what the Round Table is doing is illegal. She is paired with the male character of the author's choice; either this goes well, or he and Alucard end up battling it out. In some cases, the male character is a Romantic False Lead and abuses Integra, so she ends up going to Alucard for help and they will end up together after disposing of the male character; this is particularly common if the male character of the author's choice is an original character.
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  • Integra is turned into a vampire, almost always by Alucard, and has to cope with the consequences. It's not unusual for this story to be set after episode 13 of the Gonzo anime, but it might be an Emergency Transformation, depending on the circumstances of the fic. Usually, Integra has previously consented.
  • At Integra's funeral, invoked an heir is chosen unexpectedly.
  • A invoked Mary Sue heir discovers Alucard when he is sealed in the basement; depending on the story and the author's feelings toward Integra, it might be quite a few years later or Integra may have put him there (bonus points, when the heir is running away from wayward family members or similar, mirroring Integra's awakening of Alucard).
  • Alucard encounters a invoked Mary Sue on a mission and brings her back to live at the Hellsing organization.
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  • Seras encounters a boy on one of her missions and has to choose between letting him die or turning him into a vampire.
  • Integra dies and frees Alucard and Seras; Alucard goes back to Romania and takes over the court of vampires that he has there for some reason and Seras has to be his queen.
  • Pip is being terrible to Seras, with no real reason for the change in his character and she goes to Alucard for help with revenge.
  • Seras is having problems with her newfound powers/insomnia/strange dreams/etc., so she needs to go to Alucard for help. There is a supernatural problem on the horizon that deals with only her and only Alucard can save her from it.


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