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A Death to Remember is a Twilight fanfic... Kind of. It started out as a seeming My Immortal parody, with a Tsundere Sue main character, named Appyllyna Phorc Twyggstarr. In Parody Sue convention, Edward Cullem (or however the author chooses to spell it this time around) is inexplicably in love with her, but she reacts to his advances with increasing violence. However, as the story continues, it becomes less of a Twilight fanfic, and more of a crossover with everything you can think of.


The author goes by the screenname of PyromaniacalCadaver, who seems to be two people: one, referred to as Meck, and one known as Carli. They have distinct writing styles; Meck's is shorter and much more random, though it has some truly hilarious one-liners, while Carli's is more descriptive and tends to contain more Shout Outs. There is a third person who seems to know the two, identified as Kelly or Eastmangirl, who is the story's most dedicated flamer, though she recently entered the ideas challenge for it, claiming that Meck blackmailed her.

It can be read in all its glory here.


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