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Drinking Game / Toriko

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In the spirit of the show, this drinking game is recommended with delicious drinks and delicious snacks.

  • Take a drink whenever one of the characters drinks or eats something alcoholic.
  • Take a drink whenever Chief Mansam asks if someone called him handsome.
  • Take a drink whenever one of the characters uses a Named Attack. This includes the opening.
    • If there's a flurry of named attacks, just drink twice, unless you want to get alcohol poisoning.
  • Take a drink whenever a Capture Level is shown. If it's equal or greater than that of the most powerful creature the protagonists have defeated before, take a second drink. If it's greater, which happens fairly often, take a third drink.
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  • Take a drink whenever someone is shown being completely floored by how delicious something is.
  • Take a drink whenever Rin crushes on Toriko.
  • Take a drink at each naturally occurring food described at the beginning of each episode. Take another if it seems particularly impossible to you.
  • If one of the main characters dies, drink a full glass. This includes Rin's "death".
  • Take a drink every time the word "Gourmet" is used.
  • Take a drink every time a panel of the Toriko planet shows up after the time skip.
  • Take a drink every time Toei censors blood and drugs just so they could air the show in the morning, regardless of how bad and unpopular it could make the anime.
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