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  • Komatsu helping Melk the Second's self-confidence issues, cooking up many different kinds of delicious and amazing meals whose ingredients could only be prepared using Melk's own knives, followed shortly by Tears of Joy.
    • For that matter, Melk's affection for his adopted daughter—and hers for him—is just adorable. A scary, scarred-up mountain of a man wearing a huge dopey grin while playing with a tiny, happy, giggling baby? D'awww! Not to mention how clearly excited and proud of her skills he is when Toriko mentions having met her.
  • Komatsu's hug with the Wall Penguin chick, after he completes the Century Soup. Especially after Tommyrod had killed the chick's parents earlier in the arc for no reason.
    • Episode 79 has the little penguin (named Yun by the end of the episode) risk his life going into a dangerous forest to find the last ingredient for the Chitose Ame that Komatsu was helping to make. He does find it, and Komatsu thanks him by modifying Yun's share to look like him. The last shot of the episode is with them hugging.
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  • Terry's mother, having taken a mortal wound, could have used her last bit of strength to rip apart her killer like wet tissue paper in the blink of an eye. Instead, she chooses to go over to her child and spend her last moments grooming Terry as long as possible.
  • Toriko's entire relationship with Terry Cloth counts. Toriko's You Are Not Alone speech to the orphaned Terry for one. And when they get the BB Corn, Toriko can be seen holding back a few tears at Terry's joy.
  • A minor one perhaps, but personally I like Komatsu standing up for customers when his old friend calls them stupid.
  • In a belated Christmas chapter, Toriko and Co help Mansam deliver food supplies to orphans and homeless children in cities all over the Human World. Toriko even gets called "Santa-san".
    • We also find out that Toriko and the Heavenly Kings came from poor and impoverished countries as well before Ichiryuu and Mansam found them, and essentially adopted them.
  • The mangaka himself earns one for using so many beasts thought up by his readers in his series. Even the Four Beasts, which have been revealed to be more or less the final bosses of the human world, i.e. actually quite important characters, stem from reader suggestions. Here's a man who really cares about his fanbase and allows them to influence his own creative work.
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  • Match and Toriko get one during the Ice Hell arc, when the former offers his own rider suit to Toriko, even though the lack of it would really hurt him — and then despite the threat to his life posed by Tommyrod, Toriko stops everything to sincerely thank Match and his fallen allies. The gentle, grateful expression on his face says it all. In comparison, Tommyrod flips out once he realizes his flunkies had lost, and was going to kill them with his bugs. Toriko did not like this.
  • Komatsu takes all of the ten minute time limit he was given preparing the Medicinal Mochi, but managed to perfect it in only five. What did he use those last five minutes to do? Making sure it tastes good so that people wouldn't have to eat something that tastes bad.
  • In chapter 224, Komatsu wonders why the Bishokukai would fight so hard to kidnap chefs, and why Coco and the others would risk their own lives to protect them. Coco responds with a speech that is made of this trope.
    Coco: The cooking [you chefs] put so much earnest diligence into making fills the stomachs of people all over the world... you wipe away the tears of crying children... you console... you brighten the future. Because you give people hope and a warmth like that of the sun... That is why we fight. We will never hand that "hope" over to the Bishokukai!
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  • Chapter 225, Sunny has a flashback to when he was a boy and he admired a beautiful cup at IGO headquarters. He reached out and accidentally broke it as Ichiryuu walked by, getting a bad cut on his wrist in the process. He starts crying, thinking that Ichiryuu is going to get mad at him...but all Ichiryuu is concerned about is his well being. He tells Sunny that all things eventually break, but at the same time it'll become a bright memory one day. Damn, Ichiryuu was a really good dad.
  • In chapter 230, Tengu comforts a dying Elg (his opponent who he had just been fighting), telling him he looks perfectly fine with a melted face. Elg says it's the first time anyone hasn't been repulsed by his appearance.
  • The scenes in the past with Acacia, Frohze, Ichiryu, Jirou, and Midora together as a happy family. Particularly since this was the first time Midora ever felt full, in the gastronomical and emotional sense since he grew up starved in every way. It's also a Tearjerker since this happy flashback is occurring during a bloody fight to the death between Ichiryu and Midora, so it's already a Foregone Conclusion that something awful tore this family apart.
  • In chapter 257, Midora stops the Blue Nitro from eating Ichiryu's body. He then resolves to lay Ichiryu to rest in a place he loved. Despite everything, Midora still loved his big brother.
    • Also in chapter 257, Chief Mansam's compatible ingredient (alcohol) is used to revive him (by pouring everything they had into a barrel and dumping it on his body, much like how he healed himself when pierced by a GT Robo's laser so long ago). He immediately declares the usage of the entirety of the IGO's foodstuffs in storage to be distributed to the remaining 20% of the human population, and says "We, the IGO, must protect the people's food at any cost!" - this makes Bureau Chief Ray go "Chief Mansam...", resulting in that iconic catchphrase from the drunkard... to which Ray can only smile and interrupt him. "Yes... I called you... handsome..."
  • Chapter 261 shows us the real reason Ootake became so absorbed in fame and profit that he would join the Bishokukai. He was an originally an orphan, and when he started becoming successful as a chef, other orphans started looking up to him. When the orphans died, he saw how proud they were of him and decided he would rise in fame and wealth until all orphans could look up to him and he could use his wealth to give them luxury ingredients.
  • In Chapter 262, Komatsu singlehandedly and quickly prepares a meal, using leftover ingredients and damaged equipment, that is so good that Midora immediately offers to let him go free. An offer that Komatsu refuses, because he has faith that Toriko will come for him. Komatsu didn't cook for Midora because he wanted to escape. He just wanted to feed a hungry customer.
  • In Chapter 263, Toriko is wandering a ruined city still too depressed to do anything, even eat. Then a bunch of refugees appear who show Toriko ingredients that he discovered which brought joy to all of their lives. This cheers up Toriko so much that he regains his resolve and his appetite.
    • Note, this city had been hit by Meteor Spice and the people were suffering. What do they do when they spot a stranger? Instantly try to cheer him up! Even though they're hungry, they offer food to him willingly. Toriko loves siding on the Idealistic side of Cynicism v. Idealism and the Humans Are the Real Monsters trope is shot to death within a few panels.
      • It also serves as a refreshing contrast to Midora's experiences during the previous age of famine, and may explain why Midora and Toriko became very different people despite their similar beginnings.
      • Another layer of heartwarming is added later when it's revealed that Rin, who had been looking over Toriko while he was deep in his depression, helped to organize the whole gathering of people.
  • Chapter 266: Toriko accepts Rin's marriage proposal without a moment's hesitation. To him, it wasn't even a question it seems!
  • Chapter 268: As Toriko and the others taste the Billion Bird Eggs, Toriko decides to add them to his Full Course in honor of Ichiryuu. In this moment the Four Kings truly do seem like brothers; smiling as they give a toast to their father.
  • Chapter 269 shows how Ichiryuu first met Toriko as a child. Toriko was one of the starving children he and Mansam were handing out food too, and when a starving young Toriko is given a loaf of bread, he immediately puts it away and tries to take it to other people before passing out. Ichiryuu notes how Toriko has almost no fingernails from biting them so much, but even then was willing to share the meager amounts of food he was given. It really helps show that even as a child, Toriko has deeply valued sharing food with others.
  • Part of the Gecko Ending of the anime is surprisingly heartwarming contrasting what actually happens in the manga. Not only is a good portion of Midora's Meteor Spice stopped by the heroes, but the overall damage is also lessened in that the Human World doesn't turn into the wasteland of complete famine that it turns to into in the manga. Furthermore, not only is Ichiryuu Spared By Adaptation, but he is also returned home by Midora wherein they along with Jirou and some others share that one last meal together as a family that they never got to have in the manga.
  • Chapter 290: Thanks to the gang's successful preparation of the "Air" fruit, Horse King Heracles is able to give birth for the first time in thousands of years.
  • Chapter 295: The Horse King expresses its gratitude (and/or shows respect for Toriko as an opponent) by emitting the tiniest snort of breath, blasting away the "steel rain clouds" and creating a rainbow pathway to let the team continue their journey.
  • Chapter 299: Toriko sparing the Iai-Aye after confirming that its fear of disobeying its tyrannical master is so acute that it overwhelms its instinctual fear of the Sandoriko flower. Then he offers the starving monkey some food and promises that he will share "PAIR" with it and everyone else.
  • Chapter 300: After defeating Goritaurus and freeing the monkeys from his rule, Toriko tells the exhausted Goritaurus that he should share a meal with his fellow monkeys.
  • Chapter 309: The happiness in Bambina's eyes when he finds that he finally has playmates.
  • Chapter 312: The Four Kings being able to unite the wills of all 240 trillion cells in their bodies together is Fridge Heartwarming. They used to be unable to work together at all. Now, they're able to literally act and fight as one.
  • Midora reveals his Full Course to Joa: the memories of his life with Froese.
  • Despite all that he's done, Toriko still bears no ill will to NEO and offers some meat to the Food Demon. NEO accepts Toriko's offer and proceeds to experience the first time it ever shared a meal instead of gorging itself on everything it could get its hands on.
  • Chapter 395: Toriko and Rin's wedding reception where nearly everyone introduced partakes in Toriko's full course, even NEO, with Komatsu adding in multiple items that Toriko had captured together as side dishes, including Mellow Cola, the Ozone Herb, Jewel Meat, all the way back to the Garara Gator.
    • The cherry on top of this heartwarming meal? Midora is finally reunited with Froese and happily runs to have another meal with his family.

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