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Nightmare Fuel / Toriko

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Tommyrod would like you to meet a friend of his.
For as much amazing Food Porn as Toriko has, there are just as many things in it that will make your stomach churn.
  • Tommyrod. Good God, what a monster. The man is a walking insect nest, who can do some downright disgusting things with his bugs. And don't get started on his rows of razor-sharp fangs.
  • Grinpatch. Insect-emulating mutated abomination, with a taste for others' despair. And he means it literally. Only fails to be the most disgusting and nightmarish character in this manga due to being completely overshadowed by Tommyrod.
  • Zebra can make it sound like he's standing right behind you even when he's tens of kilometers away.
  • When the ancient Nitro first appears behind Komatsu. And again when it opens its beak-like mouth, which is absolutely filled—not just lined, but FILLED—with rows and rows of horrible pointed teeth. Nitros in general, being the inspiration for the GT Robots.
  • Losing a bet in the Underground VIP Area of Gourmet Casino means you will forget the taste of every food you have ever eaten.
    • If forgetting the taste of food isn't bad enough, you also forget any memories related to food. One example is a poor man who lost the memory of his daughter's birthday because he had eaten a piece of her birthday cake.
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    • The owner Livebearer definitely qualifies.
  • Toriko becoming extremely gaunt while regenerating his arm, the dub makes it worse by making him sound very sickly.
  • This face Toriko makes when sufficiently pissed off.
  • That fish-skeleton-thing at the end of chapter 184.
    "There are records of huge fish that that level of chef have handled that kept swimming for years without noticing they're dying."
  • By the same token Old Lady Chiyo, just everything she does.
  • The Four Beasts — giant monsters with a taste for human flesh that ate millions before they were driven off last time, the King Octopus Kong is especially freaky looking.
    • The huge monster that represents the Four Beasts in the legends describing them is terrifying. The image of countless humans writhing in its jaws...
  • The ending to Chapter 208. Oh God, the ending. Mood Whiplash at its finest. Any more would spoil. Turns out to be just a nightmare.
  • The Pierced Nitro in 222 and 223...
  • The Giant Parasite in 224. To quote Sunny: "GROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!"
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  • Toriko's state after his battle with Stayjun. Remember how he looked after battling Tommyrod, minus one arm and generally beat up and covered in his own blood? HE GOT OFF LIGHT THEN IN COMPARISON! After fighting Stayjun and managing to inflict a mortal wound with his Routine Energy, he's collapsed against a cliff...has only one arm left, is covered in burns and the blood is used as a censor for his worst injuries.
  • Just about everything about Joa. The fact that he can erase and replace a person's personality, that he can turn your best friends into your worst enemies, that he casually rides on a Phantom Beast with a Capture Level of 295, or that he apparently is even STRONGER than characters like Setsuno, who are very much regarded as the strongest fighters of the Human World. Oh, and he also won the Cooking Fest 200 years ago, and still managed to erase his name from history. Not to forget that he is in cahoots with the secret organization NEO, who seem to have their agents planted just about everywhere, implying that Joa may be one of the, if not THE, most knowledgeable characters in the series.
  • From episode 113, more Accidental Nightmare Fuel than not, the Zemen noodles sound remarkably like a human being when massaged, which is very surprising coming from a non-sentient food
  • You'd never suspect that Midora has an Overly Long Tongue in Combat Tentacles style and it's as Squick and unnerving as possible
  • From Chapter 247 we have the monster Rampage. Just... Just look at it.
  • In chapter 250, we delve into Midora's past and it's not pretty. People feeding babies to wild pigs to stave off their own hunger...yeesh. No wonder Midora's so screwed up.
  • Chapter 257 reveals that Blue Nitro open their mouths vertically as opposed to horizontally, giving them an insect-esque appearance.
  • Toriko's Ultimate Routine in Chapter 276.
  • Horse King Heracles was intimidating when it first showed up, sure... then it did this.
  • The ending of Chapter 292 Teppei appears, rips Komatsu's heart from his chest and CRUSHES it.
  • In chapter 299, the monkeys that attacked the heroes are all dead (except one), their heads smashed into the ground while their bodies are still upright in grotesque headstands. The worst part? They did this to themselves to avoid the punishment they would have faced from their master for hunting the heroes without its permission.
  • The Sandoriko Plant. While it looks like a Pirahna Plant, what it's pollen does to people isn't comedic. The pollen of a Sandoriko Plant causes a severe allergic reaction which forces every drop of liquid in their bodies to come pouring out of the Four King's eyes and nose. That was just pollen from a genetically weakened version of the Sandoriko Plant. The real plant, which is many times larger and reacts to any stimulus, would have killed the Four Kings instantly. Every beast in Area 7 is terrified by the mere sight of this plant, even the Blue Nitro. Ironically though, despite almost killing the entire ecosystem, the Sandoriko plant prevented the Blue Nitro from harvesting PAIR, which would have devastated the ecosystem even more than the plant itself.
  • Chapter 303. Monkey King Bambina maims all of the Four Kings save for Sunny. Toriko loses an arm, Coco loses his leg, and Zebra's head is twisted right off.
    • Thankfully they were all Poison Dolls made from Coco, only Toriko lost his arm but the rest survived. Doesn't make it any less scary though, especially when the next chapter revealed that the Monkey King was playing with them. What's more when he sneezed, he literally blew away the group some distance completely by accident!
  • The Eight Kings as a whole. Just one of the Four Beast's "limbs" - creatures with Capture Levels varying from 100 to 150 - are capable of annihilating the whole of Humanity on their own, the Eight Kings reign over the Gourmet World and all have Capture Levels with at least 6000, and their strength makes defeating individuals as strong as the Heavenly Kings literally an act of blowing air in their direction (which Toriko learnt the hard way when against Heracles). The smallest of them, Bambina, is a human-sized monkey though Chapter 311 suggests that Bambina's true form may be of a more monstrous size. The largest of them is the Mother Snake, said to grow to the length of the circumference of the Earth - the Toriko Earth, which has a circumference of 220,000 kilometres.
  • Chapter 312: "If the world were to end today, what would you want to eat?" The mere act of Bambina revealing his true form had a psychological effect on all creatures on the planet, compelling all of them to eat their absolute favorite foods so they would have no regrets should the world end that day. That is how powerful Bambina is: just unveiling his true form and power begets a sense that the world will end. Just swinging its tail unleashed a shockwave encompassing the whole of Area 7 and then sliced a satellite and asteroid in orbit into pieces...and he is likely still playing.
    • Additionally in 312, Kaka being able to infiltrate the Denshark past Terry, Kiss and Quin without them realizing a thing and bearing that intense stylization that usually is given to evil characters or to others during very morally dubious moments, glowing pupils surrounded by pure black, reaching out to Komatsu... who promptly sits up and STARES right at her. Kaka's completely stunned, if not terrified herself.
  • Chapter 313: The moment Kaka realizes that "Komatsu" is a Poison Doll, meaning the Heavenly Kings were on to her from the start, she splits her face vertically in rage, confirming that she is a Blue Nitro.
  • Chapter 314: The Monkey King's reaction when the Four Kings finished their dance with him, as well as more Kaka horror as she threatens to eat Terry, Kiss, and Quinn since the pets are getting in her way. Made worse after she shows up again in chapter 316 completely unharmed.
  • Chapter 335: Acacia's Gourmet Demon form. WHAT. THE. HELL. IS THAT THING?!
  • Chapter 336: We get an even better look at the thing from chapter 335. We are also treated to several members of NEO somehow becoming horrific animal hybrids. This chapter is Body Horror incarnate.
  • Chapter 340: We're treated to Jirou as the "Second Wolf", the "Rampaging Beast". Well, the name sure does match his appearance now, at least.
  • Chapter 341: Acacia "pieces" were freaky before, but the scene of one of them, devouring monkeys is especially terrifying. Not only can this creature eat it's prey any way it pleases (chew them, melt them, swallow them, slurp them up, etc.) and decides to do all of the mentioned above in one picture, it also tortures his prey, making it fear it as much as possible because that way it tastes better.
    • Mother snake's head peering out of the clouds, complete with empty white eyes is also worth mentioning.
  • The whole of NEO's background story is BIG nightmare fuel, especially its "fetish" on way of eating, which is literally scaring its victim on the verge of fear, and consuming its victim.
  • Don Slime being Eaten Alive by NEO. The worst part is NEO's obvious ecstasy as it does so since it finally got its victim to scream.
  • Jiji now gets Eaten Alive by NEO. NEO's presence among the flames of Starjun's Blaze Dome makes it look more and more like a demon come straight from Hell.
  • NEO at his full power. His big, black pupils and toothy grin give an unsettling appearance. Even worse: he's not at full strength yet, since he still hasn't eaten CENTER.
  • Toriko's original Appetite Demon. Not only is it so powerful that it coming out for a moment could kill Toriko after the latter had consumed six dishes of the Earth's Full Course, but Neo!Acacia freaks out when the image of it appears before him. Neo's modus operandi revolves around instilling absolute fear into its victims before it devours them; the Original Demon had Acacia screaming just from seeing it. How powerful is it to get that reaction from NEO?
  • Acacia eating most of Starjun, his jaw multiplying in size, and his maw filled with teeth.
  • As NEO gets further damaged by attacks fueled by anger, his body begins to swell back up to its original appearance as Acacia starts losing control of NEO, and his attacks get even more savage.
  • Toriko's original Appetite Demon comes out for a few seconds, and NEO's cells surrender. For Gourmet Cells to surrender, it spells out their complete defeat. NEO surrenders just from Toriko's original Appetite Demon coming out. Then the Original Appetite Demon destroys NEO's head with a finger poke.

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