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Drinking Game / The Princess Bride

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Drinking game for The Princess Bride:

  • Every time you hear the words "inconceivable", "father", "wish", or "love", drink.
    • Take an extra large swig for "true love".
      • Two extra large swigs for "twue wuv".
  • Drink every time you hear "My Name Is Inigo Montoya", "You Killed My Father", "Prepare to Die".
  • Drink whenever a line that has become Memetic Mutation is said.
  • Drink whenever a line that becomes the Trope Namer is said.
  • Drink for every rhyme that Fezzik utters.
  • Chug for as long as the Count's Machine is on, and don't stop till it's off.
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  • Drink every time the story cuts back to the bedroom abruptly.
  • Drink whenever Fezzik shows Hidden Depths (to get properly drunk, you may need the book).


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