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Drinking Game / The Final Sword

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Take a shot for:

  • Each debut/use of each of Rebora's special powers not native to Touken Ranbu canon.
    • Two shots if it's wiping out a wide area of enemies without actually fighting.
  • Each time canon swords act awed at/praise her non-canonical powers, especially ones that canon swords do just fine without. Examples include Rebora's ability to shrink her sword form is praised as "smart" for not drawing attention, even though treasure swords like the tenka goken, like any other sword, don't possess this ability and walk around with their treasured sword forms in plain view, yet drawing attention never seems to be an issue for them.
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  • Every time Rebora contradicts canon, especially by having traits that do not make sense when taking the game's mechanics into account and can crash the game if she's ever implemented. This includes her being a girl sword, her not belonging to any Japanese sword type (making stat, attack range and allowed troop allotment impossible) and her not being made of steel (making repair impossible – this is confirmed within the fic at one point; Rebora really cannot be repaired the normal way and the only way to fix her damages is to travel all the way to the Temple of Harmony to fetch a leaf from there).
  • Every time the fic's apparently no longer set in Japan.
  • Every time the fic reminds us she's the sword that brings victory.
  • Every time canon swords and the saniwa help her/serve her/do things for her/give her nice things/accompany her places/agree with her immediately without question or annoyance.
    Rebora: Aruji listen to everything I had to say and doesn't question me at all.
    • Two shots if it's following her to the Temple of Harmony.
    • Three shots when they beg Haleena to bring Rebora Back from the Dead.
  • Every time Rebora and Haleena's realm and all its associated things are brought up/visited.
    • Two shots if it involves actual historical figures.
  • Each enemy attempt to steal Rebora for themselves or wreck havoc in her realm.
    • Two shots if it's by Oda Nobunaga (for the sake of keeping things spoiler-free, only do this when his identity is revealed).
  • Every historical inaccuracy, lousy portrayal of real historical figures or incorrect writing of historical terms. Examples include not capitalizing Shinsengumi, Date Masamune trying to get into Rebora's realm, calling daimyō emperors and thinking Oda Nobunaga was based in Edo.
  • Every misspelling of canon swords' names (i.e. Namazuo spelled as "Namazou").
  • Every time characters wear "cloths" instead of clothes.
  • Every time the auxiliary is placed before the subject when the sentence is not a yes/no question, a negative inversion ("never have I…"), a condition clause ("had I done…") or a sentence with so ("so do I"). For example: "After the breakfast, did I just take a walk outside in the garden."
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  • Every time the fic steals a Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru plotline and centers said plotline around Rebora instead.
  • Each piece of stolen artwork, image or music video inserted in the middle of the story.

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