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These moments proves that at times, they're not all that awesome

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  • Like Eat Times Four: In one installment, during a playthrough of Uncharted 3, Fraser tried and failed several times to pass an area stealthily. Ben then gave it a shot and made it almost all the way through before getting spotted, and even got an "Expert Ninja" trophy for it. Fraser was so mad that Ben did better than he did that he took back the controller and restarted from an earlier checkpoint, undoing all the progress that Ben made. It was a real dick move that would have been bad on its own, but Fraser tried to justify it by claiming that Ben was "wasting time" by moving slowly and carefully, taking out as many enemies as he could. However, Fraser then ended up wasting even more time getting caught up in a long and decidedly un-stealthy firefight. Usually Fraser is funny when he's pissed off, but in this case he just came off as very childish.
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  • Door Hating Cat: Adding to the above with another Video Games Awesome incident; while their 2012 Halloween month has been rather poor on the whole (though of course YMMV) the true kicker for me had to be their treatment of Silent Hill 2, which they mercilessly bash... so minority opinion, be respectful right? Well not when Fraser (and even Ben at times) insist on being snarky even during moments that would otherwise be effective and proceed mainly chastise the game for elements like bad voice acting and odd moments, which are present. The problem however is that they had also been playing Deadly Premonition that month and that game suffers from many of the same issues to much greater degrees. It just really left a bad taste in my mouth though judging by the comments in the chat during the Stream, your mileage will vary.
  • Door Hating Cat: The above example can be argued as an example of Fraser being Fraser (though that doesn't excuse it), unlike their Walking Dead playthrough; comparatively minor to the two above incidents due to being an actual specific rather than the whole playthrough, but in their playthrough of The Walking Dead, the group shovels immense amounts of hatred onto the character of Duck, which may not be too surprising given that he is the resident Scrappy to many, but as it goes on it falls very quickly into an Overly Long Gag of the unfunny variety. Thankfully, unlike their Silent Hill and Sonic playthroughs, this did get better eventually helped by Duck's death in the third episode
    • Kona Kona Fan: Also in their Walking Dead play-through, their treatment of Ben. Sure, yeah, not everyone has to like the characters you like, right? But to let him die in cold blood, because no one would ever know? That's some real Crawford-like shit, Fraser.
  • Xavior The Savior: During their E3 2013 show, Fraser completely insults and gives a double middle finger to fans of Square Enix (all with a disturbing expression on his face) not once, but twice during Squeenix's portion of the Sony press conference. The first time was for being right about the trailer they were watching being for Final Fantasy XV, even though the fans were also right since the game was formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII and this was the first trailer to announce the name change, and the second time was simply to make fun of Kingdom Hearts, even though he has never played a single game in the series. There's Trolling Creator, and then there's being completely disrespectful to your fans.
  • Last Of The Time Lords: For me, it was when they watched the trailers for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix. First. Those two guys in the back did annoying Donald impressions which got annoying really quickly. Second. Fraser asking that Naminé ships Sora with Roxas, or from Fraser's POV, Sora's nemesis. Becky was practically the only one defending the game! Finally, after many narcissistic comments involving the word emo and imitating the trailer's music, Fraser says that nothing about the game is good, it looks terrible, is overly melodramatic, and that it was just terrible. He even says people forced him to watch it. *sigh*

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