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"I'm not a witch; I'm your wife."

Edgar is a perpetually bored boy, living in the perpetually unchanging, tiny town of Blair, with his parents and twin sister Emily.That is, until Blair has an unfortunate run-in with the infamous serial killer coincidentally dubbed The Witch, who leaves her victims in a state of brutal overkill, and managing to avoid capture for over seven years.One day, however, when Edgar's neighbours are snatched by The Witch, he finds her through two sloppy mistakes — dropping a very distinct earring, and walking around the town undisguised without knowing about it.


Impressed by Edgar's smarts, and unwillingness to go to the police with the earring, The Witch formally introduces herself as Elly — and gives him an invitation to join her travelling. Fully knowing the consequences of traveling with a sociopathic serial killer that could snap on him at any moment, Edgar accepts and willingly runs away with Elly...

Told in disjointed flashbacks by Suzu (the adopted daughter of a good friend of Elly's), who is hearing it all from Edgar, after Elly finally turns on him.

Yet another (the third!) unpublished Troper Work by Sone Anna (making these helps me write better ;_;). Except this one actually has a lot written up. Being worked on parallel to Misery Loves Company and The Boilerman.

The title was inspired by the Japanese title of Now and Then, Here and There, yes indeed.




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