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Darth Wiki / Jerkassdere

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You encountered the Jerkassdere.

Jerkassdere used Bitching.

It doesn't affect you. (Probably because you're already a prick.)

What Move will you use?

You used Shooting. Bastard.

The bullets missed. Jerkassdere mellowed down a lot.

What Move will you use?

You used Reasoning. You do care.

Jerkassdere mellowed out more.

Quick, love on her!

You used Loving. And a little something else, if ya catch ma drift.

The Jerkassdee has been mellowed out, becoming Mellorine.

Congrats, you win at life. NOW SCRAM!

...Not you, Mellorine, I'll always be with you.

Hmm? AHH!

Hey, shouldn't this be a Suger Wi-


Well how about for the oth-


...Why not?

Ever heard of Unholy Matrimony?

Oh God...

Even villains have loved ones, you dick.

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