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Just another bloody chapter in pony history.

"So just sleep; my little pony, just lay 'til this world freezes over: the cold is no thing to be won, it's a thing you can't flee. Just rest; as you feel all the layers just constantly bringing you lower; no matter what happens, remember you matter to me."

Fallout: Equestria - Featherbound is an (unpublished as of yet) Recursive Fanfiction to Fallout: Equestria written by your dad.

Stable 64 is… paradise; far as anyone's concerned. Sure, it may have had its fair bout of controversies over the years, and the way the concurrent Grandwatchernote  took over the last: certainly not particularly chivalrous in description—but, in all honesty: it couldn't get any worse than what horrors could possibly lay out yonder. With that, anyone could agree.

Nothing could be worse than the Wastes.

And most take that as gospel; living their lives from birth to death, in the hopes of prolonging the pony race. In fact, all but one do now, after a daring escape schemed by none other but the youngest son to the Grandwatcher himself. A definite improvement to the situation, to say the least. Now the only problems that still remain a priority to the Grandwatcher would be to make amends with the conspirators plotting his murder; the coming extinction of the griffons; and his ever-declining health.


The story can (eventually) be read here.

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    Volume I Characters 

Stable 64


The Twenty-Sixth Grand Watcher of Stable Sixty-Four, Brevity; of the Rebels. A goldenrod-coated unicorn known for his solemn vigilance, as his unrelenting strategy in the art of warfare, (one he'd learnt from his mother, the remnant of a once-leading family of the Stable,) Brevity comes from both a past of dignity and a time of independency and hedonism. A tired servant to his good commune; Brevity, over all else, waits now longing for the one thing which he prolongs: another fallout.






Also known as the Great Librarian, Parser
  • Zen Survivor; Even though Parser has lived to see half his family do away with themselves, seen the rest executed as an aftermath of a war which he'd survived, lost most of the mobility of a hind leg of his, birthed three ponies which he's outlived with two mares, (one of which he'd killed in a debatable self-defense,) and been shot in the head in the first third of his life, Parser still lives after having seen more than half of the Stable's tale with his own dwindling eyes.


  • In the Blood; Even though his father had been the most ruthless, most violent fighter in the Stable's recent history, he prefers to affirm himself as his own personality, a calmer alternative to his father; despite that, though, he is constantly ridiculed for the demeaning, bullying personality that he'd withheld when he was a foal (and still holds to a lesser degree now); and is mocked more for his callousness in regards to him being of 'the stallion breed' of the Stable.


The 25th Grand Watcher; Centerpiece

The Thirteenth Grand Watcher; Valor

The First Grand Watcher; Cozen

The Roaming Herd





  • Upper-Class Twit; As evidenced by his blatant lack of respect for the hierarchy of his family name, through his seemingly never-ending sex drive towards his slaves and common whores; his lack of doing anything with the practical slave army he's bought with his father's money; and his general disregard for how important he really is for the slave business, and the general trade service of the Wastes' commune: he really seems to have no idea as to what he's supposed to be doing as the son to one of the best-regarded slaveholders of the Wastes.

Chock-Full's Slaves



  • Token Minority; So far, the only zebra to be seen around the Wastes. Doesn't really help the ponies' case when he's the nicest character around by the time he's introduced.


Cleaver's Slaves



Introduced as a gift to Cleaver, from his father's dearest friend.


  • Ambiguous Situation; Whether or not Silence is a slave that gets special treatment through her relation with Cleaver, or she is just a free mare from the Wastes who's settled down with the slaveholder is never revealed.

    Volume II+ Characters 


Lavish Frost

A member of the Steel Rangers, Lavish Frost is a second lieutenant (of many) to an enemy of the Speedsters, who takes up Maudlin as a double-agent recruit. Enticed by her, though mostly because she is aware of the fact that she's working againstthe Steel Rangers, she decides to (allegedly) take her under her wing as a 'sister' of sorts, and take her along onto her journeys throughout Equestria.
  • Meaningful Name; The very thing that saved her from an early slaughter by the hooves of Dashite extremists, who'd been on the hunt out for her parents.


Fallout: Equestria - Featherbound provides examples of the following tropes;

  • Death Fic; A very broad one, to say the least.

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