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Creator / Yamahana Noriyuki

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A manga creator specializing in Seinen Romantic Comedy stories. Is a Japanese Christian. Draws in a heavily Shoujo-influenced style, and once used the pen-name Hanako.

His works include:

  • If I See You In My Dreams: Fuguno Masuo, a hapless 24-year-old virgin salaryman, pursues love with Shizuoka Nagisa, a likewise hapless 22-year-old virgin kindergarten teacher who has developed a hatred of men. Hilarity and mass quantities of tsundere-ness ensue.
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  • Imouto Akane: Shinpei is a hard-working youth who struggles to rescue his step-sister from debt problems that aren't her fault.

  • Noel no Kimochi: Noel is an Olympic-caliber figure-skating prodigy who yearns to experience the life of a normal teenager (against the wishes of her mother, who is also her coach), and has a crush on her older (adopted) brother Naoto. She manages to pass the entrance exam of the school where Naoto works as a teacher, and Hilarity Ensues.

  • Little House with an Orange Roof: Two divorcees, with children in tow, end up owning the same house after falling for a real estate swindle. Hilarity Ensues, as does romance. Resembles nothing quite so much as a Japanese version of The Brady Bunch.


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