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Creator / Noriyoshi Ohrai

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Famed Japanese artist, most famous for producing posters for movie hits of the 1970's.

Born in 1935, his prodigious attention to detail got him hired first as an assistant manga illustrator. In the west he's best known for his amazing Star Wars posters. Self portrait here. Died on October 27th, 2015.

Film projects Noriyoshi has illustrated for:

  • Posters for the Godzilla series starting with The Return of Godzilla in 1984, spanning the entire Heisei series and produced several Millennium series posters.
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  • Posters for the Star Wars saga; some of his designs were so popular that other foreign countries also adapted them. All can be seen here. The last Star Wars related project was in 1999, a magazine cover about the new prequel trilogy.
  • Art for Metal Gear.
  • The original poster for Future War 198X, along with the 1982 calendar and LD case.
  • The foreword for Naoyuki Kato's third volume of art.
  • A poster for The Beastmaster.
  • Art for Ninja Mission.