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Easy Game Station is a Japanese indie videogame developer. They are described as a "doujin" studio: a Japanese term equating amateur self-publishers — with connotations of being more for fun than profit. They began their careers as most dōjin circles do, working on fan games featuring characters and elements from pre-existing properties before branching out into creating original IP. It was these original works that brought them international recognition and fame. (Due to the costs involved in getting rights to the characters involved, their American publishing partner Carpe Fulgur has said that it is unlikely their earlier works will ever be released outside of Japan; they're very rare even in Japan these days.)

They are most famous for:

Other Games (in order from newest release to oldest):

  • Motto Osu
  • Tokkyu Tenshi — a "kart-style" racing game presented as a platformer
  • Gunners Heart — a rail shooter based off SkyGunner
  • Ele Paper Action — a side-scrolling brawler based off of the Read or Die franchise
  • DASH de Lei-Lei — a horizontal-scrolling course-challenge game starring Hsien-ko (Lei-Lei) from Darkstalkers
  • Duo Princess — an overhead-style cooperative adventure/brawler game starring Mint and Maya from Threads of Fate
  • Azubeach — a very simple volleyball game using characters from Azumanga Daioh; one of the very first games the EGS team ever worked on together
  • Okkotos

Upcoming Releases: